Thursday, December 3, 2009

Derisory Epoch

Under the guise of reality
Life is broadcast into the room
A neat little box for personal exploration
Cathode rays heat up and burn out like clockwork
Next up, plasma screens and LEDs
Polaroids are boring
Shoot this laser straight out of your eye
Capture the image and burn it to CD
Or implant it in your brain
File C-234 under the tab Me
Click through the extensions
Eventually even strangers will be known
Secrets are a thing of the past
Live life out in the open, live openly
As long as no one else can see
(That's what gets you in trouble)
Mounted high, robotic screens capture sole impressions
While scanning the planet for black gold mines
Solar exercises renew our faith in meteorologists
Temporarily, as subsequent winters suggest otherwise
Our solution: Recreate the Big Bang
And just see what happens

Contorted Propagation

Exploding electrical prowess
Eventually culminated as mass hysteria
Unnatural obsessions replaced quirks
Humanity's humanity is drifting off
Somewhere past that blown mountain top
And across that desert pipleline
Amidst the piles of gold and rubies
Tainted black by suffocating smoke
It lies, barely breathing, slowly asphyxiating
On the very evolutionary skills
That allowed for this process to transpire
Ironic is a much too subtle designation