Friday, August 27, 2010


My throat is swollen
My lips are cracked
And your idle threats
Leave me wanting more
Shake your mighty fist
And rip open the skies
Bring down your wrath
Atop my head
And fill my parched mouth
To the brim
Choke me
With your overflowing cup
So that I may thirst no more

Taunted by the Clouds

A sweet, crisp taste
Coats my tongue
I inhale
Sending a rejuvenating breath
Down my throat
My tongue darts out
Seeking nourishment
But like days prior
The looming clouds
Only bark and grumble
Refusing to drench me
With what I seek
It looks like fall
But the warm breeze
Escorting yellowed leaves
Reminds me of the truth
And the ground beneath me
Shatters like broken glass
No longer able
To withstand the heat

A Padded Existence

A thin strip of rubber
Separates me from the earth
My security blanket
For safety's sake
I miss the cool, green grass
Beneath my feet
But I love the air of superiority
Egocentric mindsets
Societally sculpted and put to work
My playground of mud
May as well be covered in cement
As I rail against unnatural obsessions
And slip my toes
Back into the world in which we live

Tall Tales

Stoic, solid, immovable truth
With drought stricken fringes
Impervious to my actions
Standing guard
Or passive observers?
Non-violent vigilantes
Sigh deeply in the shallow breezes
Coughing on humanity's pungent odor
Suicidal maniacs
Or cogs in the machine?
Gaia's fingertips stretching
Towards the heavens
Save me, she cries
But littered cosmic highways
Block her voice
She slowly withdraws
Into herself
When no longer guarded
By her graceful hands
Will we then question
Our momentum?


Beads of sweat
Stream down my face
Pouring, like rain from the heavens
I stumble to a cave
A cool, dark place
Of nothingness
Beyond my reach
Mouths bounce up and down
Spewing forth patriotic blood lust
And I shiver in the dark
Close my tomb
And leave me be
My lips sealed shut
Until the fragrance of rebirth
Seeps through the cracks

Happy Belated

Rapidly advancing cells
Threaten to breakdown
Without proper procedure
These yearly rituals
Purely for the sake of egocentrics
Arrive with gusto
But leave everyone depressed
Withered and worn
No more tears to cry
Forgotten once more
Left out to dry
In an unapologetic heat
Under a blistering star
365 days
Another revolution around the sun
One more trip
To the dark side of the moon
And petty ideas of what integrity
Or respect are
Spiral down the drain
And you stare in the mirror
That two simple words
Would have made a difference anyway

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Navigating the Treetops

Backed into a corner
That slides easily into 360 degrees
A vast horizon
Arcing in familiar ways
The landscape changes
The further we veer from the course
On course for more
Belittled by a careful blow
Graceful across your cheek
But stinging
Like the thousands of jellyfish
We unwittingly passed
On our journey up the coast
We plummeted into the darkness
Snaking our way through the forest
And climbing up into trees
Establishing a foothold
For even greater leaps
High into the clouds
Wistfully wandering
Lost to wayward whims
That kept us so low to the ground
Now, mountain top hippies
Establishing monk like norms
In jungle canopies
Forgoing the trite nature
Of our previous environments
And opening the doors
To new experiences
And possibilities
Through raw and undefined parameters
A link to a distant past
Where we met once
Under a waterfall
That sent predispositions fleeing
Like lemmings from a cliff
I yearn to rediscover
That powerful, watery tool
That etched our paths
Through the valleys and bayous
To our club house paradise
With colorful markings
Lining the walls
Unconsciously brightening
Each and every day
A flashlight for the soul
That shall burn bright
As long as rivers flow