Friday, May 28, 2010

Media Masquerades

Brief snippets of purposely misinterpreted information float through unsympathetic ears as so called unrealistic expectations are drowned in waves of propaganda stacked to the ceiling. Pharmaceutically medicated water supplies ensure politically correct perspectives of planetary operations that remain unchanged even as sea turtles wash up on oil-covered shores.

Enigmatically Transparent

Modern day pharaohs stand behind oak podiums upon silver pedestals that keep them just out of reach, to serve as an inspiration for those interested in so called service. Money changers crowd the room, buying up the airwaves until there's no more space to breath. Bleeding hearts and staunch denialists pretend to have a say even as environmental disasters prove everyone else right and unnecessary institutions shed even less light on what is left of the few bright lit corners.

Bypassing Georgia

Slightly altered landscapes cloud judgement with the loss of fundamental principles. A set of plans, set in stone, for all the world to see go conveniently unnoticed on ill paved country roads. Unguarded secret are less interesting. Underground Vatican libraries emerge on the scene to divert attention from just one locked door to which so few hold a key. History is important, as long as it has been tailored to prescribe a specific regimen of daily pills of ignorance. Mass extinction will be more popular if we believe we weren't warned.

Tick Snuffing

Bloodthirsty creatures fall from treetops, latching on for dear life. Minuscule fangs seek out open pores to sink into. Dim witted vampires do not know how to let go and grow to unprecedented size on someone else's life force. Moral relativities are tossed out the window as ill-fated beings meet their end under man-made fire.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Space Encroachment

Mars approaches in a corporate wave of technological evolution threatening the last frontier. There's no more space in space as we jet out into the center of the galaxy. Global shifts and tectonic drifts slide across the globe at ever increasing speeds as we veer off a path of moral insanity. Hypocritical oaths pledged in the blood of indigenous nations laid bare for all the world to see. Dark shadows in forested homesteads creep forth like a pack of wolves, determined and starving, foaming at the lips for just one more taste before collapsing into the sea. Mountains appear simultaneously to entire shelves of humanity drowning in shallow tides, disproving debunked theories in ironic undertones for millennia to come.

Pharaoh's Law

Economically steered moral decisions became convenient upon discovery of agricultural excesses. New understandings about cultural differences birthed the concept of productivity over human liberty. Disseminated amongst regional minorities who fine-tuned their instruments into tactical solutions to modern philosophies.

Unmasked Truth

Moonlight reflects off white shiny strings suspended by the frail hands of Father Time. A game, hidden neatly among the cosmos in some far off place. Spiraling into oblivion as cultural blending draws confused looks from spectators while homeless men laugh in dark alleys. The truth is out whether you want to see it or not.