Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caught Red-Handed

Rifling through not so secret hiding places to support addictive habits yielded no fruit, only disappointment and guilt. Red roadways gave way to green tracks that propelled overcompensating parties forward, snaking across asphalt rivers and spinning off into a thin line of unbreachable posts, standing guard silently in the moonlight. A quick retreat revealed merely cosmetic damages, unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but still calling into question recently uttered convictions. Daybreak smoothed over internal conflicts and an approaching storm ensured no swift repercussions externally.

Requiescat in Pace

I cannot pretend
To have fond memories
Of frequent kicks to the crotch
And flailing arms
Steadily pounding away
At what must have seemed
The less important sex
My tears were selfish
And centered on mortal ambiguities
That never crossed your mind
Brief encounters echoed down hallways
Like a herd of cattle
Despite only four feet on the ground
The deafening silence
Left in the wake of rambunctious forays
Left little room to think
Under the thick blanket of death
That reappears at unexpected intervals
Causing me to reconsider
And reorganize
Those initial thoughts
Still floating through empty space

Temporal Fusion

The air is thick
Clammy like cold soup
A thin layer
Of fat, rises to the surface
Oil-ridden, asphyxiatingly aromatic
Like the sweet metallic crimson
Coarsing through my veins
Double-headed questions
Stand at the forefront
Spewing fire
Like the dragons of old
But chivalry is dead
And knighthood bestowed
As a ceremonial honor
To those with enough class
And cooth to kneel
Before aging monarchs
A dying breed
That refuse to vacate
The premises

Sphere of Influence

Earth's cyclical nature ensures the uselessness of ego. Bright skies overhead and lush green grasses underfoot, all set in place by the chemical reactions humanity terms death. Rotting corpses take new forms as blades of grass rise like the Phoenix. No thought or sound or grand ceremony for even the most jovial as the reorganization of cellular vibrations goes unnoticed and unappreciated by those engaged with the mocking tempo of time, oblivious to the imminent dissemination following Gaia's suffocating embrace.

Rhapsodic Dehumanization

Standing against a sea of black, my face was reflected off shiny plastic gear. Batons beat to the sound of economic drums, intense poundings of policies, shaping the world into a more efficient model. Even without the prescribed pieces of paper we paraded through the streets of Pittsburgh in a game of cat and mouse. Ducking down alleys and plugging our ears as new weapons were tested on a previously untestable public. Outnumbered but unafraid, the demonized drew thin bandannas across their faces and stared into reflective shields that mocked them. A flurry of carbon copies marched forward banging out intimidation miles away from the source of anger and those that dared to confront them are depicted as violent pusillanimous wayward souls that hinder peaceful cashless transactions.

Incongruent Realities

A deliberately recurring hiatus from society leaves me in awe of the magnitude of men each time I dare to venture back into what are apparently civilized transactions. As tiny, bleeding hands work tirelessly to stock the shelves for consciously ignorant shoppers eager to save a buck, truth is measured in statist pride with fiercely animated nationalistic dogma contrived through shady deals in well lit rooms that dwarf the status of individuals. Historical realities are swept aside despite empirical evidence while entire populations are drowned in hypocritical propaganda that is swallowed with increasing ease, lending itself to even higher levels of control. And here I sit upon a concrete beach teeming with the newly brainwashed and my temple aches. With some certainty I feel myself swiftly developing a Moshe complex as I cry out at the emerging globalist technocracy. Bienvenido al futuro, amigo.

Foundational Familiarity

Soft spoken secrets
On smoke filled patios
Echo of forgotten wisdom
Reverberating with increasing speed
Collegiate aspirations
Stalled true understandings
Of vastly different perspectives
All rolled into one
But were awakened
In a flurry of non-activity
Oft recalled instructions
In the form of looks and not lists,
As memories are the only currency,
Conjure images of familiarity
Where goodbyes are forbidden
And future encounters
Remain unspoken agreements
As intermittent presents
Of presence

Sins of the Saintly

It sits not upon a hill but amidst a sea of turmoil. A shining beacon redesigned to entice the youth. Old men in tall hats bless the masses from wheelchairs, the bearers of Christ's burden. Gargantuan structures prove their importance, noted, and locked in secret libraries. A wealth of knowledge kept at bay by idle hands that explore too far the nature of mankind. Dark cloaks drape from overly confident soldiers as pride swells with a passing glance and patrons and saints contemplate God's overall goodness.

Coastal Rifts

Party tricks on red clay bricks
And handstands in the sand
Political repertoires in POS cars
And conversations over Pac Man
On beaches I thought
Were named for sea life
The whiskey flowed freely
As we sat in a circle
Pondering the universe
Then morning came
And we all went
In different directions
Our triple bonds were broken
And electrons scattered about
I assumed our aversion
To overly convenient
Line of communication
Would remain unimportant overall
But I feel you slipping from my mind
And lack the conviction to stop it

Plate Full of Prejudice

Ever expanding waistlines
Prompt corpulent themed dialogue
Between me, myself, and I
The path to enlightenment
Is unpaved
With boulders and pebbles
Blocking my way
Mental exercises
Concentrate on human reverence
And spiritual relevance
As I contemplate
The morality of mozzarella
And across the aisle
A large man in blue
Forgets mastication
And shoves
A large meat lovers pizza
Down his swollen throat


Current stigmas dictate a redefinition of relationships as if the status quo just wandered off down the beach. Put options reveal interesting tidbits that scream corruption and are swept under the rug, left alone by even dust bunnies afraid to mingle with the blackened remnants of once pristine coastlines. Previously teeming waters slowly turn to cemeteries as endangered inhabitants are burned alive.

Apocryphal Optimism

Shifting seafloors expose new levels of environmental degradation, shattering previously held estimates repeatedly like a botched punch line. Stuttering heads of industry just want to head home. Safety precautions are forbidden in case of bad press that sidesteps government and corporate roadblocks conveniently downplaying previously cozy relationships.

Fantastic Finales

Smooth green oceans
Span the horizon
Under bright blue skies
Breathing life into
Dixie land economics
On the west coast
Men in black
Bang out attempts
At interpretations
While scientific approaches
To future shortages
Make it rain
Eyes light up
In anticipation of rewards
Held just out of reach
Salivating like Pavlov's dog
Even as societal building blocks
Are patented and stored
For the convenience
Of an upcoming
Technocratic evolution