Tuesday, February 24, 2009

الحضارة في وفاة

Everyday is beautiful. Every moment is sacred. Every person I interact with should then be a positive influence on me, and I should leave a mark on them. I know a lot about myself and the way I view the world. I know that I understand people to a degree that most people cannot fathom. This, I cannot fathom. Are we not all human beings? Do we not all share some likeness? When you talk to people, they are aware that family and relationships and love are more important than things like money or possessions, but then they completely act in disregard to the things they deem important. People around me are so caught up in materialism it sickens me sometimes. It makes me sad for humanity. When will people stop being so overwhelmingly narcissistic? I am trying to be more outspoken about the things I see and understand, and shed some light for others on the inconsistencies within our society and culture. Most people ignore me, and of those that pay attention, half don't understand what the hell I am talking about or don't care enough to go  and find things out for themselves, to further explore and understand anything. We all just want to live in the moment, but how we should be in that moment is seen in vastly different ways. Most of which seem to hurt or harm another human being. We are all out for number one. But are we not all One? Shouldn't we be more concerned with the well-being of everyone around us? It seems obvious to me that this would warrant many more benefits for all of us than the current system. It's time for people to start looking at the "big picture" and quit focusing on the meaningless mundane aspects of our lives. Wake up people! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Anodyne Invasion

A flicker of light fills the gap between us. A flash, a spark, a glow. But then it's gone, again, only to be substantiated into a different form. Flecks of green mix with silvery puffs of air. Wind rushes in, cascading down the steep cliff of pink, flesh-colored walls. It empties into a deep cavernous pit covered in tiny bodies. Martians that take over, laying claim to everything visible and transporting it to their home. Quickly, a steady stream of data is beamed up and away, to the center. The pinnacle, the head. The message is transcribed, decrypted, and disseminated to the masses, one at a time. Everything glows when the process is complete; there is a slight buzz all over. The process is internal and complicated. An air of transparency lets outsiders think they have it all figured out.

Meriting Empathy

She throws pennies
To watch the children fight for them
He throws nothing
Earn it, he says
Sing for me, dance for me
Dirty, starving, and tired
Bleeding from the scrap over tiny copper coins
They sing and dance for the privileged
Filthy, brown skin to remind them they're disgusting
Being judged by the white righteousness of those across the river
Trying to swim across to cleanse themselves in the water
They exit the river, still brown and are sent back to the other side

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Felt Me Up

I'm standing on the brink
I want to jump off
I can fly

High out of this atmosphere
Over to Jupiter, Neptune,
Hey! Where's Pluto?

It's all just a game
I'm just some lonely pool ball
Set in motion

Off to some random pocket
Just one possibility of my universe
But what if? Just what if?

It doesn't really matter
It was THAT that set me in motion
Fucking cue balls

Centrifugal forces

Sinking deeper into those blue cloth seats. A thick, hazy fog covers our eyes. Our minds. Talk is cheap, so we just listen. It's free. Running through the kitchen, screaming. We bump into each other, and trays soar through the air like tiny brown flying saucers. One hit's a lady in the head, the other crashes down into the slippery floor. Exhausted. The trek home is short, losing our inhibitions, even quicker. Mistakes are made, lives are lost, but some will emerge triumphant and stand atop those lush green grasses, survey the land, and sow a new crop. I taste it and sink back into that deep blue. 

Caught up in the stars

Foaming along the crest
Crashing against the sand
Reaching for the dunes
Wrenched back to the abyss
A constant struggle for power
A never-ending war for control
Pulled by the moon and the sun
By the Earth and the stars
Stuck in the middle
Heaved to and fro
Trapped by persuasiveness
Unable to think for oneself
There is no way out

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Think Tank

In looking for inspiration, I turned to man's truly last free place. I sat atop my porcelain throne contemplating whether or not to actually use the facilities for their intended purposes. Flashes of murder, rape, and poverty flew across my brain, presenting themselves on a big white screen, like a drive-in movie. And then thoughts of love, family, and peace flitted across the cyclone that is ever present in my mind. The lists re-appear, it's time to prioritize. However, I find myself perfectly content at the moment. The necessities are all within reach, well most of them; I might have to stretch a little. With a renewed vigor I ponder the various routes available to me. The road forks into a thousand different directions. How am I to choose just one? I make a mental map and imprint it somewhere in my subconscious, in case I need it later. I can't decide on one, so I gather seven, always seven, and head out. Where I am to end up, who knows? I yearn for simplicity but always take the most complicated path available. There has to be another way. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Turbid Contemplations

Meandering, that's what it is. Not roaming, because then you sound lost. The prior infers carefree. Right? Just lost in space. My head is in the clouds, but I only see blue. Bright skies or something else? I feel it set down upon me. But what is IT? A weight is lifted, or I'm lighter altogether, briefly, but then I'm heavy again, maybe heavier, if that's possible. I had hoped not. None of this seems real anymore. I'm back at square one. Who the hell am I?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inconsequential Reflections

I sit here writing these words, for what? For whom? Does anyone ever really write or talk for themselves? Do we not say things out loud just to see how other people are going to react to them? If a person reacts positively, then we will continue on, expounding further on the subject. If, however, a negative emotion is evoked, there is confusion, embarrassment, a sense of failure or of not belonging. We make it out to be a joke. I was just kidding guys. Don't take me seriously. Why should we be embarrassed by our own thoughts, feelings, or "lifestyle" choices? Everyone is fucking crazy; there is no such thing as normal. Consciousness is a great and terrifying thing. It's responsible for some of the greatest and some of the most destructive things ever accomplished by humanity. In a relatively short amount of time, we have come further than people could have ever imagined. And yet, where are we? Where have we really come to? Is this the end of something or the beginning? Or is it just a middle part that in a matter of centuries or even decades will be unimportant? Is this all something or is it nothing? Where did we get off track? Or are we on the right track and just can't see it right now? We are told that apathy does not being about change, but is apathy not shaping the way things are headed now? In that sense, did apathy play no role in changing how we see the world around us and react or not react to it? Is it time to speak up, or is this the time to remain quiet, a benchwarmer? Everyone wants everything, and they want it now. What is now? Now as in a few seconds from this moment or now as in during this lifetime? Or is now a completely misconstrued concept? Did it not take people decades, centuries, and several lifetimes to accomplish some of the greatest feats ever attempted by man? The pyramids were not built in a day. Rome was not built in a day. The Great Wall of China's construction spanned over several emperor's reigns, did it not? The race to the moon in that sense, took almost no time at all. Do we live in a society that has grown into a here and now place? Or was it our impatience as human beings that led us to creating a society for ourselves so that we might enjoy the perks of instant gratification? Is instant gratification a bad thing necessarily? Or is it simply something that happened along the way? Is this the way we were headed anyway? Or have we completely fucked ourselves on a cosmic scale? Is there a God? Are there two gods? Competing gods perhaps, who are simply playing a game with us? One rules the Earth beneath me, the other another planet across the Universe? Do they have meetings to discuss what's going on with each of their private worlds? What do they see as improvements to society? Was it the plan for us to forget them and forge ahead on our own, just to see what happens? Or does none of it even matter? Does none of it make sense to us because there is no rationale? Are we simply the products of millennia of evolution and survival of the fittest? When we die, do we simply rot in the ground, making the ground above us more fertile, continuing this never-ending cycle of perpetual unhappiness and death? Are we plugged back into it all as something else? Do we start over and over and over? Or do we get to meet our creator or creators? What then? Eternal happiness? Or are we forced to worship some being we forgot existed for the rest of eternity? But what is eternity? How can anything really continue on forever? What is forever? This planet will die out, our sun will explode and fade away, as is the fate of all stars. The universe continues to expand, but expand into what? Will we hit a wall, a wall of nothingness, or will we roundup and head back to the middle, to the beginning? Perhaps the Big Bang sent everything flying out into "space" and created a monstrous black hole that will eventually suck us all back in. Is that the end? Or will we be transported into another sphere, another time, another place? Will it be just like what we have now? Or will it be completely different?