Thursday, April 22, 2010

Death of a Parasite

Electrical signals buzz around the room like insects waiting patiently to draw blood. Newly explored components offer brighter colors to remind humanity of past nature. Shifting its weight, civilization totters on the brink of destruction as it looks for greener grasses amongst a yard of concrete and steel. Treading lightly towards downtown, each step closer to the end of an era. Traffic jams run amok and an old man is dying in front of a prize winning beverage company. Bloody vomit blends into the logo as a smoking pyre of metal asphyxiates on its own waste.

Flaming Lips

Brooding soliloquies threaten to unveil themselves with each nonchalant response to pertinent information. The surge builds as tides draw back, preparing to make landfall. Sinister villains lie under loosely stitched fabric snatched from young hands. On the pretext of political correctness dizzying anecdotes dance around deadly battles like moths over a flame. Spontaneous combustion is sure to leave behind unforetold masses uneager to explore actual occurrences. The seeds of civilization will lie dormant awaiting the recovery of misplaced instructions.

Realistic Expectations

Dogmatic charades endure despite understandings of singularity. Scientific discovery has too long been the scapegoat. False paradigms must be discarded if progress is to be made. Humanitarian goals will forever be out of reach if mankind continues to submit to top-down authoritarian rule. All pretenses are false, all conclusions true and the road to heaven is paved solely by your intentions. Do not tread lightly, make leaps and bounds as you cast off the shackles of yesterday.

Ode to Joy

Enharmonic expressions form guerrilla groups fostering eternally disseminating chromatic consonance dynamics evading ego. Developmental dissonance expose existential falsehood. Grave gallivants forever eliminate de capo cadences. Desperate endings dramatize celestial cavatina.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Familiar Exploitations

Duplicate messages lead to the belief in the obvious disfigurement of once established relationships. Conversations set on loop, repeat at fantastic speeds unbeknownst to the aggravator. Victims of recycled trauma are found on both sides of the fence as age and rot deny balancing acts necessary for progression into uncharted domains. Blasphemous utterances receive queer looks from the crowds as shadows slip behind the curtain threatening to change the backdrop. Natural evolutions bring new situations without the banality of recurring nightmares. Like a boulder pushed off a cliff, it sinks slowly into the depths of the ocean.


A slight tilt
On an ill-defined axis
Encourages blanketed youngsters
To rise triumphantly
Renewing the palette
In antithesis to drab upbringings
Sensitive bodies
Raised in abnormal homes
Shrivel and die
At the hint of nature
While transplanted individuals
Give mixed reviews
Of the upcoming season

Instant Infinity

Convenient mental blocks lead to incomplete maps of directives and realities of a misconstrued past. Like a mirage growing and stretching with the sun, the heat rises and falls, cresting over desert landscapes. Tumbleweeds against the background produce cyclones that appear at random. The dust settles and blankets the inhabitants; diffusion of information bleeds into the system, circulating. Triple bonds weave together floating like asteroids in space. From the Kuiper belt light bounds and hides behind Sirius, creeping along with impressive speed, warming the climate, bringing new templates with more intricacies where less movement is needed. The veil is lifted as true purposes and powers become clear. Secrets are a thing of the past, get them out now. Tomorrow I'll just reach into your brain and pull out all undisclosed information and share in your long, enduring pain.

Carnival Rides

Bright red cars
Rose and fell
Like seagulls
On the ocean breeze
As integral parts
Shot out
Raining metal
On the ground below
Ill coordinated plans
Showed externally
The process of digestion
Thick yellow pools
Drowned blades of grass
Just out of earshot
Of jesters beckoning
To climb aboard
And repeat the process

Waxing Ambitions

Battlefields with invasive species give sight to unexplored pastimes and cratered surfaces. Metal sheets slide gently under shallow roots, tossing them aside like unwanted house guests. The pineapple appears in the corner, a sign to necessary etiquette of proper time frames. Overburdened cooperation results in less congruency underneath as outward appearances settle into complacency. Beauty shifts frames and lucky charms overrun visual zones. Horizontal and vertical axes appear on white screens and are overlain with parabolas. Zenith to nadir, the space between pixilated, morphing into familiar memories.

Venerable Interpretations

Half century old
Handbooks of the trade
Gather dust
In dark corners
Spring cleaning
Sheds new light
On aged ideas
Breathing life into
Revised imprints
Of detailed plans
For herding operations
That drain vaults
Of concrete and steel
Present turns from future
Embracing past
Until regression
To stone age traditions
Are inevitable

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Even those with whom I identify
Through abstract conceptions
Of relative norms
Seem far away
From my own prescribed reality
In a world of ambiguities
There still seems to be a need
To label and identify
Every emotion and human feeling
Frailty as a notion
Applicable to mankind
Is irrelevant
Misinterpretation of Darwinian explanation
Favor not one over two
But the intermingling
And growth of all those
In tune


The precedent has been set that those in power cannot be held accountable to those they do not respect, so continue to follow these stupid laws that tie you down and wear away at your soul. You mind has been infiltrated; it's no surprise you don't know. Unbind your hand and sigh with relief because now that you have taken the first step, the rest will be a breeze. Abstractly speaking of course since greedy hands will not fall idly from around your neck. Tear and claw at your captors if you wish to stay alive or succumb to their every whim and let humanity die. Dirty tactics are encouraged through television screens to give way to more authoritarian rule. 99-1 odds sound pretty good to me though, so get up off your knees and wipe that silly grin from your face, smear war paint across your cheeks, we will win this race.


Second class status to third class parties may seem a victory to a large percentage of the population but I abhor this tiny box and strive to break new ground. Their mere acquiescence was enough to satisfy those minimalist needs but I say push on, do not be fooled by their monumental greed. These ancient caste systems may have been given new names but doubt not that they exist or the roles they continue to play. These showy preordained peacocks: charming, colorful and loud, should not be rewarded by our ceasing to cry foul. We are not all dumb hens just pecking around; spread those wings and launch yourself to even higher ground. For those apprehensive, do no fear, do not fret, we are only reclaiming our long owed debt.


Jainist like persuasions must keep the insects guessing as to the norms of human-bug relations
No shriek nor stomp or weapon was produced, just a small box with holes introduced
Outsider perspective may look upon in jest but these saved souls find no humor in the anti-pest
Today four wasps were freed from my tiny cave; I doubt they knew quite how to behave
Freedom was given with just one little tap and off they went with absolutely no need of a map
So continue on your barren path but before you go, remember that everything you need, you already know

Veracious Intendments

Clench those cheeks together
Strain with all your might
Midsections are a rumblin'
And won't give in without a fight

Enemies lie just around the corner
Waiting for the crowds
Of muted buglers making triumphant sounds

Heave the diaphragm
Blow with all your might
The future's not a comin'
It is here tonight

So loosen your hips
Do back flips
And dive into the pool

The cool water is refreshing
So strip out of that old taboo
Our bodies are au naturale
So pay no mind or second thought

To this I say
Through parted lips
Allow me to be forthright


I have not a nickel in my pocket but I am the richest man in the world. Even with the continual reintroduction of long lost ideals and appreciations I see no reason to turn from this path at hand. I stand firmly in my belief that man was not created wrong. From that initial gasp of air outside our mothers' womb we breathe life anew into the cycle as a whole. Space continues on just as before, ever changing and evading the questions its very existence implore. The answer may be forty-two or it may just be so. Either way it is unimportant for even the wisest of us to know. A soft whisper to the wind may not yield the results imagined but satisfaction comes from within not high up on some mountain.

Mellifluously Inept

In the key of g
Flabbergasted men lay eyes
On an unimaginable present
Even if it was foretold
Hieroglyphics etched in stone
Bring forth voices of ancient foes
Long since vanquished
Amidst our human toll
The odometers still spinning
Right out of control
As humanity overruns
The messages
Bequeathed to thee

Así es la Vida

Geographically perhaps, but in no other sense
have I been able to ward off familial norms or hardships

Avoiding the magical fruit has yielded no return
as it becomes painfully obvious from this path I shall not turn

Even though I wanted to, even though I tried
these intestinal dilemmas seem to heed no mind

I've moved beyond denial and through anger and doubt; now I'm onto acceptance
of these unusually often bouts of flatulence.

Recurring Themes

The answer lies within
Reach down and yank
The key to our freedom
Is just an arms length away

Of outdated concepts
Will bring about new

More in line
With ourselves
Power lies in

Brain synapses fire
Connecting to the system
Breathe it in

Let the old medicine
Take hold
Blossom, the beginning

Springtime warms the land
Gently kissing the face
Of our
Mother Earth

A sea of ancient colors
Giving sight to
The true palette
Is within our grasp

Don't think, just act
Give birth to innate possibilities
And allow yourself
To reappear