Thursday, December 3, 2009

Derisory Epoch

Under the guise of reality
Life is broadcast into the room
A neat little box for personal exploration
Cathode rays heat up and burn out like clockwork
Next up, plasma screens and LEDs
Polaroids are boring
Shoot this laser straight out of your eye
Capture the image and burn it to CD
Or implant it in your brain
File C-234 under the tab Me
Click through the extensions
Eventually even strangers will be known
Secrets are a thing of the past
Live life out in the open, live openly
As long as no one else can see
(That's what gets you in trouble)
Mounted high, robotic screens capture sole impressions
While scanning the planet for black gold mines
Solar exercises renew our faith in meteorologists
Temporarily, as subsequent winters suggest otherwise
Our solution: Recreate the Big Bang
And just see what happens

Contorted Propagation

Exploding electrical prowess
Eventually culminated as mass hysteria
Unnatural obsessions replaced quirks
Humanity's humanity is drifting off
Somewhere past that blown mountain top
And across that desert pipleline
Amidst the piles of gold and rubies
Tainted black by suffocating smoke
It lies, barely breathing, slowly asphyxiating
On the very evolutionary skills
That allowed for this process to transpire
Ironic is a much too subtle designation

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Navigating Clusterfucks

.....If the answers to our problems can only be
.....seen by connecting the dots, I fear we may screwed
My grandmother went on a diet years ago. She
switched to diet soda and increased her intake
of bourbon. Not so surprisingly, she's even
bigger now
..........I once had a friend who decided to get serious
..........about school. Then he never went to class and
..........flunked for the third semester in a row. His
..........father cut him off, and he had the audacity to
..........ask, "Why?"
.....If you don't believe 2+2=5 just because they
.....say so, just ponder Columbus for awhile
I'm more lenient with waiters because I used to
be one. I doubt I'm the only one who is more
sympathetic towards a previous field of
..........George Orwell once wrote a book about all
..........of this, too bad nobody reads anymore

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Corporations of Gratification

Civilizations rise and fall
and rise and fall and
stuck in some perpertual motion
like a pendelum swings
back and forth
forever doomed to repeat
the exact same paths
over and over
if none of this is real
then why does it hurt
if none of this is real
then why won't it stop
it's all just a game
like a roller coaster
zooming around
flipping upside down
only to be returned
to the starting place
and then to set off
people are dying
we are killing ourselves
has it been this way forever
has anything really changed

Adulation Depreivation

Like some karmic joke
An unseen force that travels throughout
Sculpting monuments
Where only nothingness had been before
They rise up
And triumph in the world
Like a beacon of hope
A bright light
That cannot be dimmed
Ignoring the circumstances
That brought them about
Ignorance is bliss
But ignoring the truth
Is something else entirely
Acting as though these transformations
Were spontaneous and unplanned
The veil of love
Is thrown off and discarded
Forever forgotten

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Native Conviviality

Alligators, not crocodiles,
Nestle down in the bayou
Amongst the cat-tails and nutria rats
Humanity has caged them here
Under dark starry skies,
Around September, mankind returns
Culling those too slow to dive into the depths

Taxidermists delight at the sight of such a large specimen
Enthusiastically the reptiles are hoisted up
Xyloidic monuments proclaim our superiority
Apathetic children glance as they pass
Sweaty and smiling they stroll down the hill

Prognatus Iterum

Perhaps reincarnation is not
About living multiple lives
But becoming separate people
Throughout this life
Each interaction a chance
To recreate yourself
To start fresh
Some may call that lying
But being true to yourself
Always comes off wrong
To someone else
Don't worry about another's opinion
Rejuvenate your being
You're only three lives down
You still have thousands to go
For all you know

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ode to the Führer

O' dear leader
I submit to thee
Lets empty this world
Of all those crazy souls
Of all those polluting prospects
Of all those angry parents and misbehaving children
I believe in eugenics and population control
Let's bring it down to 500,000
Like the Georgia Guidestones told us to
The answers are written on large stone tablets
Embrace it, live it, love it
It's evidently the only way
Because it's obviously impossible
For souls to think for themselves
For people to give a shit about their progeny
You're right, dear leader, kill us all

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hematic Verity

Like capillaries the green, thorny twigs fans out and intertwine with the limbs of the young oak beside it. Across the top, a fallen branch nestles itself among the flowers alighting the tips of almost transparent limbs, as if to drain what's left of the bright fauna, ensuring no further bloom. The wet and soggy brown leaves contrast the colors of life, illustrating more fully its frailty. The thick spotted wood like dead tissue left over from a stroke. The neurological implications of which leave everything confused and muddled. The dark leaves like blood clots ready to be moved off further downhill at the strong push of some foreign force, like crimson liquid shooting out of the left ventricle as it makes its rounds. The youthful tree supporting all this weight is bowed like an old woman suffering from an arthritic attack. Removing the dead skin would prove useless it seems; already it has tied itself up and attached parts of its being like a hungry cancer intent on devouring healthy cells. Above the sky is clear and unfettered as if just waiting for the oak to snap its neck upwards and glance at the possibilities and straighten its spine so that is stands tall and proud amongst is fellow struggling life forms.

Apologue of Disimprisonment

Red over white lines run parallel to amber waves of grain. A navy blue box rests in the bottom right corner like a cage for its fifty inhabitants. Struggling to free themselves, each bright star discovers it's stuck like fireflies caught in that deep, black blanket that unrolls itself over a dying planet each night. Immoveable, immortal. Or so it has been foretold.
A symbol inverted is more meaningful than when used properly. A representation of ideas of freedom, an indication of struggles to come. A tri-colored cloth outlines our history, reminding us of the lives lost and the blood yet to be spilled in this eternal fight. I turn it on its head. If everything I have ever been told was a lie, perhaps this is exactly as it should be.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Actuating Transmogrify

In coming up with an equation to understand the meaning of life, a new problem arose. A tiny snippet of information came floating along, randomly, as seems to be the case with most of the known universe, and completely changed everything. Equations and summations and calculations were irrelevant. There was a clear lack of understanding in the way things are. Long ago dreams were trampled upon and shredded beneath the many, heavy footsteps that created this particular path. Contemplating the surroundings the consensus was reached to turn back and retrace the long barren path and return to that time when we conciously made the decision to part from our animal ways and embark on this new journey. It was soon apparent that we had gone too far, traveled too long. It was necessary to simply choose a new way. Right or left, it's time to leave the path, to choose a different direction and start anew.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Parading through existence with the sureness of a bright peacock
Wrapped up in singularity, worshipping the ground walked upon
There is no other when enveloped in such luminescence
Infinity becomes a concept, never an attainable goal
The beauty of the self becomes overpowering
Answers are clear, the questions are evasive
The outskirts appear dark and dismal
No worries til the light begins to fade
Everything becomes brighter
Self wanes and dissipates
Ego fades out
Life begins

Monday, October 5, 2009

Enlightening Contingency Internalization

Soft, brown squares pulsating like breathing marshmallows. Neatly stitched lines of green dance across and down, horizontal and vertical like radio waves. Peak after peak, the neon glow ready to announced the end with that high pitched tone signifying your next journey. Falling backwards, sinking down into a velvety river, staring off into rainbow sunsets with small gusts of wind circulating, constantly distorting and creating images. In pitch black the leaves fold against bare skin, caressing each point and amplifying the sound of nothingness like electrons scattered across craniums littered with newly mowed patches where dignity could once be found. Festivities began like the aroma of four month old milk. Like peas in a pod they snuck out together leaving behind soft, flowing monuments once resembling walls now camouflaged with patchworks of bright orange art, splattered throughout, burning the nostrils and provoking involuntary reactions, natural instincts. From land to sea to air, always watchful, ever resourceful, conjuring up new methods to estimate the sum and subtract for damages and equate everything to an even larger fiasco: there aren't any numbers to be found in that seemingly empty fleshy cavern. Hoisted up and slippery like an eel, or perhaps more so like shark hunting. The carcass stuffed into a hard right angle albeit the creature's awkward fit, off to Oz they went never to be seen or heard from again. Inside the playground the Insects took over and did a poor job at cleaning up despite their best efforts, never to be recognized for their struggles. A crash of blinding light from the sky sent new thoughts spiraling out until the realization was met and circumstances faded out into the background as they often do.

Inaugural Omegan Acquiescence

I sit upon the floor in that style described in the absolute antithesis of political correctness by those in charge of young minds and stare off into nowhere of any importance. This is my reaction to the abstraction concocted in what some might deem too much alone time; this is my attempt at seizing this idealistic reality and climbing into those pleather seats of some brightly colored carnival ride and zooming forth. Eventually it will stop, or it won't and I'll be shot off at the speed of light barreling down on some unidentified flying object that will probably turn out to be in fact, a flaming comet that disintegrates what's left of me until it's as if I disappeared into thin air. Horrendous though it may seem, I fear not the unknown. It is now I swagger forth and lay claim to an apparition I'm as of yet still unable to imagine. Chaos is beautiful, relevant, and inherent. This is my surrender.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There is a war going on

Only no one seems to be aware

We are stuck in this form of reality

That promotes a false paradigm

Answers are given to questions not asked

True inquiries are ignored and left to rot

545 members of a fake body

Announce that we are on the right path

The only path to protecting our freedoms

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inconspicuous Manumission

Free at last
Out from under your rule
But now it's worse
A watchful eye
Nothing is sacred anymore
Everything is taboo
Who am I?
No one cares
I traded one life for another
And ended up in the exact same place
Still lost
Stuck on a path
That never seems to end
No signs to guide me on the way
I end up in a forest
Beauty is everywhere
I don't see it
I feel it
Why can't I accept it?

Corporeal Conversion

Build up your arms
I care not

This society will fall
It is inevitable

Change is the only constant

Nothing is real
There is only you and me

But we are the same
Forget these false differences

Reach out and touch someone

Embrace our similarities
Life is about connection

Close your eyes
Block it all out

Find your reality and re-define it

Frenzied Strategems

It started out a rebellion
Against the man
It ended up
A fight for life
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And then back to square one
Starting over feels so right
It can't be wrong

One slip, then two
And the mountain comes tumbling down
Crashing over houses
Emptying out into the streets
Someone is crying
Another is fighting
Anguish, remorse, regret
The only true feelings left

Or is it patriotism at it's very best
A convoluted story no one questions
Just accepts as truth
This is where we are
Who are we becoming
But an angry mob
The mentality of a fifth grader
Ignorant of the world around us

Fighting for justice
Like it's a pastime
A hobby
In flux
In spite of everything
Desperation leads to death
The death of it all

Corybantic Vehemence

What a waste of my time. Absolutely, positively counter-productive. In an effort to save my soul from.. whatever. I must stop. It's actually quite ridiculous. Especially this particular time in my life. For several reasons in fact, both internal and external factors. How exciting! Something new to distract me from this black void I call my life. Only in my head though, because I do not want to freak people out. I can't tell them. Especially not now; it's too late. The deed is done, so to speak. I don't feel guilty, it just upsets me how angry my family and Eric's are going to be. Whatever, I'll just run away. To hell with this place and these people. I'll leave tonight! But what do I do with Eric's head?
To think, that just a week ago, we had been happy. Not just happy, ecstatic. We were finally moving in together, finally getting our dream house. I mean, we got a puppy and everything. I had recently gotten a job at the bank as a teller. Sure, it wasn't the dream job I had often thought about, but such is life. I was happy enough, and I had Eric. Eric. That fucking whore. He got just what he deserved. I had cautioned him, but obviously my forewarning fell on deaf ears. Too late now, I suppose. It's better to live in the moment anyway.
I made my way back to the house carrying Eric's head by the long blond strands of hair matted with his blood in my right hand, a blood-spattered machete in my left. The door was still ajar, so I kicked it open. The door slammed into the wall behind it, causing the panes in the door to rattle. The doorknob smashed through the wall, leaving a perfectly symetrical hole in its wake. I sped through the livingroom and made a bee-line for the kitchen, dripping blood along the way. I held the head out in front of me, so the blood spattered on the ground in front of me; I glanced back towards the door, and saw red shoeprints all along the hardwood floors.
I rounded the corner into the kitchen, and set about looking for something the store the head in. I wasn't sure why I wanted to keep it, but I saw no point in fighting it. Nothing really mattered at the moment. I squatted down in front of the sink, and opened the two cabinet doors in front of me. I rummaged through the cleaning products and plastic bags to find a small blue cooler, but large enough to store Eric's head. I opened the cooler and saw it was still dirty from the last time I had used it. Oddly, I set about washing it out. I scrubbed the inside until it was sparkling white, and then layered the bottom with ice. I gently placed Eric's head on top of the ice, and then filled the remaining space with more ice. I closed the lid to the cooler and carried it to the garage. I fumbled through Eric's tools trying to find anything that would secure the lid. Eventually I stumbled upon a couple of black bungee cords. I hooked the two cords together at one end and then stretched them out until I could clasp the other together. It took a lot of work to stretch them far enough to connect with each other, so I figured I was fine. I went back into the house, where I had forgotten about the mess. In the kitchen, our pale blue linoleum floor was smeared with blood from the entrance to the sink. I grabbed a bright red bucket and some Pine-Sol from under the sink. I poured all of the lemon fresh cleaner into the bucket and added a little water. I reached back under the sink to find three scouring pads. I placed the bucket on the floor and grabbed the mop from beside the refrigerator, placing it in my potent cleaning solution.
I opened another cabinet and pulled out three pots and filled them with water. I put them on the stove and turned all of the eyes to high. I had no idea what I was doing. How was I supposed to know how to get blood out of hardwood floors?! A bit overwhelmed suddenly, I raced out the door into the front yard. We lived a mile and a half from the main road, so no one could see me or what I had done. I jumped off the porch trying to completely bypass the four stairs leading down to the yard. I almost made it. My left food caught on the last step, the feel of my shoe brought my leg to a sudden halt while the rest of my body continued forward. My leg crumpled underneath me, and I fell straight down. Luckily the rest of Eric's body softened my fall.
Shit! The rest of Eric's body! In my worry about what to do with the head, I had completely forgotten about the rest of him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanatoid's effigy

The neat, criss-crossed stiches bulge at the seams
Bloated like a rotting corpse
It's impossible to die though, if you were never really alive
Like some dark secret guarded by the Druids
Immortality seems only a dream
Like a mirage it flitters across your vision
Your true sight held deep in your conciousness
The lie is discarded and your eyes do the talking
Manipulating the world around you into something you can stand
Death seems the only logical answer
Even if you never bothered asking the question

Friday, August 14, 2009

Reductio ad absurdum

Pushing past its limits
Extending beyond its means
Spiraling down into abyss

Like robotics its all about programming
Intervals of light go unnoticed
Shrouded in darkness on a path of shadows

Behind closed doors the plan is mended
And amended and slapped with a label
The realization of a dream long prepared

Vultures and lions, snakes and rats
Crowd the arena and survey the land
Take note of it all and reach for their staffs

The sheep are pushed into the river
Like trout they travel upstream
Desperately struggling and gasping for breath

Some never made it to the water
Others will drown on the way
The thinning of the herd is only just beginning


Crouching down beyond the horizon
Shades of pink crowd the sky
Interrupted by lines of convenient white clouds
Criss-crossing the view thats accepted somehow
Violence and gore are no longer needed
As man has discovered a most powerful tool
Melted down and manipulated into something concrete
Those in control yank the strings
And like small children, we follow with glee


Traveling toward Oz at a speed unmatched
The message is doctored and tailored for rituals sake
Slip up and die or drown in the wake
Of the waves created by malicious propaganda
Our friends become enemies
Our enemies, our friends
A shift in consciousness is the only means to an end


Pushing through the crowded interior
We yearn to be free and no longer inferior

The mask is yanked off and cast aside
It's not longer needed; there's nowhere to hide

Dust off that gun and aim at your head
Click. Too late, you were already dead

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Intrinsic Affliction

I'm falling
Descending like a leaf torn too early from a tree
Not floating, plummeting
Straight towards the ground

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dawning Metamorphosis

I stand here
In a state of transition
Unsure of the next move
The first move
To finding sanity
Or reality
Whichever comes first
In a never-ending series
Of obstacles
That will pan out
And shape the rest
From beginning
To end

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rise and Shine

That little black box sits there in the dark
Screaming to have it's contents emptied out
Forcing upon you violoence and hatred
We wonder why people can't feel the same
When we're reminded constantly of just how different we are
I won't stand for it anymore
I'm breaking those ties that hold me to "reality"
And it starts with crashing that damn black box

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mendacious Verisimilitude


a dog barks downstairs

back to reality

a grainy film exploits
us all. It’s finished.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Consonants and Vowels

The brain turns to mush
Like congealed alphabet soup
She reached for an R or G
But only grasped a dot for an I, and a cross for a T

Muddling through the orange sea
While dying inside, yearning for green
Unpopular at best, but it doesn't seem to matter
For in the end, it's up to some other man

A soft and tender yet grating voice
Erupts from between two thinly parted lips
As if they were holding back a torrential storm
That's taken cover in the cheek

Words threaten to jump out
At the first opportunity
But careful tactics
Bestow the speaker with prestige

A falsehood, perhaps
Or a neater picture of reality
It's really all the same
You are what you eat

Exiting Monotony

I open my mouth
You turn your back

Heeding good advice,
Not even an option

Gale force winds
Topple me over

It seems an eternity,
Until suddenly it ends

You need me now,
But I'm far, far away

Dusting myself off,
And running for the door

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

الحضارة في وفاة

Everyday is beautiful. Every moment is sacred. Every person I interact with should then be a positive influence on me, and I should leave a mark on them. I know a lot about myself and the way I view the world. I know that I understand people to a degree that most people cannot fathom. This, I cannot fathom. Are we not all human beings? Do we not all share some likeness? When you talk to people, they are aware that family and relationships and love are more important than things like money or possessions, but then they completely act in disregard to the things they deem important. People around me are so caught up in materialism it sickens me sometimes. It makes me sad for humanity. When will people stop being so overwhelmingly narcissistic? I am trying to be more outspoken about the things I see and understand, and shed some light for others on the inconsistencies within our society and culture. Most people ignore me, and of those that pay attention, half don't understand what the hell I am talking about or don't care enough to go  and find things out for themselves, to further explore and understand anything. We all just want to live in the moment, but how we should be in that moment is seen in vastly different ways. Most of which seem to hurt or harm another human being. We are all out for number one. But are we not all One? Shouldn't we be more concerned with the well-being of everyone around us? It seems obvious to me that this would warrant many more benefits for all of us than the current system. It's time for people to start looking at the "big picture" and quit focusing on the meaningless mundane aspects of our lives. Wake up people! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Anodyne Invasion

A flicker of light fills the gap between us. A flash, a spark, a glow. But then it's gone, again, only to be substantiated into a different form. Flecks of green mix with silvery puffs of air. Wind rushes in, cascading down the steep cliff of pink, flesh-colored walls. It empties into a deep cavernous pit covered in tiny bodies. Martians that take over, laying claim to everything visible and transporting it to their home. Quickly, a steady stream of data is beamed up and away, to the center. The pinnacle, the head. The message is transcribed, decrypted, and disseminated to the masses, one at a time. Everything glows when the process is complete; there is a slight buzz all over. The process is internal and complicated. An air of transparency lets outsiders think they have it all figured out.

Meriting Empathy

She throws pennies
To watch the children fight for them
He throws nothing
Earn it, he says
Sing for me, dance for me
Dirty, starving, and tired
Bleeding from the scrap over tiny copper coins
They sing and dance for the privileged
Filthy, brown skin to remind them they're disgusting
Being judged by the white righteousness of those across the river
Trying to swim across to cleanse themselves in the water
They exit the river, still brown and are sent back to the other side

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Felt Me Up

I'm standing on the brink
I want to jump off
I can fly

High out of this atmosphere
Over to Jupiter, Neptune,
Hey! Where's Pluto?

It's all just a game
I'm just some lonely pool ball
Set in motion

Off to some random pocket
Just one possibility of my universe
But what if? Just what if?

It doesn't really matter
It was THAT that set me in motion
Fucking cue balls

Centrifugal forces

Sinking deeper into those blue cloth seats. A thick, hazy fog covers our eyes. Our minds. Talk is cheap, so we just listen. It's free. Running through the kitchen, screaming. We bump into each other, and trays soar through the air like tiny brown flying saucers. One hit's a lady in the head, the other crashes down into the slippery floor. Exhausted. The trek home is short, losing our inhibitions, even quicker. Mistakes are made, lives are lost, but some will emerge triumphant and stand atop those lush green grasses, survey the land, and sow a new crop. I taste it and sink back into that deep blue. 

Caught up in the stars

Foaming along the crest
Crashing against the sand
Reaching for the dunes
Wrenched back to the abyss
A constant struggle for power
A never-ending war for control
Pulled by the moon and the sun
By the Earth and the stars
Stuck in the middle
Heaved to and fro
Trapped by persuasiveness
Unable to think for oneself
There is no way out

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Think Tank

In looking for inspiration, I turned to man's truly last free place. I sat atop my porcelain throne contemplating whether or not to actually use the facilities for their intended purposes. Flashes of murder, rape, and poverty flew across my brain, presenting themselves on a big white screen, like a drive-in movie. And then thoughts of love, family, and peace flitted across the cyclone that is ever present in my mind. The lists re-appear, it's time to prioritize. However, I find myself perfectly content at the moment. The necessities are all within reach, well most of them; I might have to stretch a little. With a renewed vigor I ponder the various routes available to me. The road forks into a thousand different directions. How am I to choose just one? I make a mental map and imprint it somewhere in my subconscious, in case I need it later. I can't decide on one, so I gather seven, always seven, and head out. Where I am to end up, who knows? I yearn for simplicity but always take the most complicated path available. There has to be another way. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Turbid Contemplations

Meandering, that's what it is. Not roaming, because then you sound lost. The prior infers carefree. Right? Just lost in space. My head is in the clouds, but I only see blue. Bright skies or something else? I feel it set down upon me. But what is IT? A weight is lifted, or I'm lighter altogether, briefly, but then I'm heavy again, maybe heavier, if that's possible. I had hoped not. None of this seems real anymore. I'm back at square one. Who the hell am I?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inconsequential Reflections

I sit here writing these words, for what? For whom? Does anyone ever really write or talk for themselves? Do we not say things out loud just to see how other people are going to react to them? If a person reacts positively, then we will continue on, expounding further on the subject. If, however, a negative emotion is evoked, there is confusion, embarrassment, a sense of failure or of not belonging. We make it out to be a joke. I was just kidding guys. Don't take me seriously. Why should we be embarrassed by our own thoughts, feelings, or "lifestyle" choices? Everyone is fucking crazy; there is no such thing as normal. Consciousness is a great and terrifying thing. It's responsible for some of the greatest and some of the most destructive things ever accomplished by humanity. In a relatively short amount of time, we have come further than people could have ever imagined. And yet, where are we? Where have we really come to? Is this the end of something or the beginning? Or is it just a middle part that in a matter of centuries or even decades will be unimportant? Is this all something or is it nothing? Where did we get off track? Or are we on the right track and just can't see it right now? We are told that apathy does not being about change, but is apathy not shaping the way things are headed now? In that sense, did apathy play no role in changing how we see the world around us and react or not react to it? Is it time to speak up, or is this the time to remain quiet, a benchwarmer? Everyone wants everything, and they want it now. What is now? Now as in a few seconds from this moment or now as in during this lifetime? Or is now a completely misconstrued concept? Did it not take people decades, centuries, and several lifetimes to accomplish some of the greatest feats ever attempted by man? The pyramids were not built in a day. Rome was not built in a day. The Great Wall of China's construction spanned over several emperor's reigns, did it not? The race to the moon in that sense, took almost no time at all. Do we live in a society that has grown into a here and now place? Or was it our impatience as human beings that led us to creating a society for ourselves so that we might enjoy the perks of instant gratification? Is instant gratification a bad thing necessarily? Or is it simply something that happened along the way? Is this the way we were headed anyway? Or have we completely fucked ourselves on a cosmic scale? Is there a God? Are there two gods? Competing gods perhaps, who are simply playing a game with us? One rules the Earth beneath me, the other another planet across the Universe? Do they have meetings to discuss what's going on with each of their private worlds? What do they see as improvements to society? Was it the plan for us to forget them and forge ahead on our own, just to see what happens? Or does none of it even matter? Does none of it make sense to us because there is no rationale? Are we simply the products of millennia of evolution and survival of the fittest? When we die, do we simply rot in the ground, making the ground above us more fertile, continuing this never-ending cycle of perpetual unhappiness and death? Are we plugged back into it all as something else? Do we start over and over and over? Or do we get to meet our creator or creators? What then? Eternal happiness? Or are we forced to worship some being we forgot existed for the rest of eternity? But what is eternity? How can anything really continue on forever? What is forever? This planet will die out, our sun will explode and fade away, as is the fate of all stars. The universe continues to expand, but expand into what? Will we hit a wall, a wall of nothingness, or will we roundup and head back to the middle, to the beginning? Perhaps the Big Bang sent everything flying out into "space" and created a monstrous black hole that will eventually suck us all back in. Is that the end? Or will we be transported into another sphere, another time, another place? Will it be just like what we have now? Or will it be completely different?  

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ignominious Camaraderie


Hats off to you sir
For treading those violent seas

But then I saw red
And it made me bluer
Than I ever thought I could be

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Great Rift

Astrologically speaking
I'm early
Fuck Pisces
Jesus Fucking Christ
A jar made of clay drowns you
And washes everything else away
A new age is ushered in
The dolphins rejoice
No more sheep to mistake them for

Monday, January 26, 2009

Morning pandiculation

I think everything is a little too organized in your life. Everything has to be exactly in it's place, or else you freak out. Why worry all weekend over something (one thing!) not being exactly where you want it, when there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You don't control your future, change is the only constant. Just go with it. Deal with your own mortality and just be. I'm sorry that things have happened before, but they happen all the time, to everyone. Life sucks sometimes, but if you don't deal with it, you will never be able to be truly happy in anything that you do.