Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Star Dust to Storm Trooper

Bright green eyes peer beneath the dotted lines
Surrounded by a heavy cast of metal
Subconciously drawn forth
To battle demons not yet introduced
Like a knight I charge forth into the night
Full of intent
That blinds me to my own reality
That bends and stretches for miles
Careening out of control until
It falls
Right off a cliff is where I want to be
Diving into the great unknown
Where I shall discover the truth behind this facade
And a distorted philosophy
Filled with holes and riddles
That cast me in an eerie light
That I run from
As if I can hide from the shadows
Silhouettes of all the secrets I sent out into the world
My creations are my responsibility
To the extent that I feed them
But to cut all ties seems most unwise
In a land brimming with jesters
Who preach to me the importance
Of transparency
From behind their own brightly colored disguises
That distract
From all that is within
My head grows weary as the mask grows heavy
And I yearn to cast it from my brow
To stand and scream and rave
Like a madman who overstayed his visit to the depths
Of his humanity
My eyes are so deceiving
And my words flow as freely as the sands
That circle the globe
For there is no end
To what has no beginning
And no mask that can trap
My eternal being

Friday, October 8, 2010

Apple of My Eye

Like a mother
She bowed under the weight of child rearing
Her arms gently scraping the ground
Caught up in the joys of pregnancy
Little attention was paid to the after effects
But now childless she weeps
Not for her children but for herself
As she prepares to evacuate her senses
And lie bare for one more dormant season
The change has already begun
As is evidenced by the autumn colored blanket
Draped around her frail limbs
That will see her through the winter
As she ponders the whereabouts
Of her long lost youth

A Reminder to Breathe

Surprises in the form of question marks
Leave me more satisfied than a mere exclamation
A periodic reminder
That to know everything, is nothing
To know nothing, means everything
A list of attributes begins with a colon
But ends with a blanket statement
I am brother, I am man, I am he
But in a world of such complexity
Run-ons are inevitable
A smattering of sequences, linked by a dominant pair
A quick glance reveals the need for proofing
So the editing begins
And once recognizable secrets are drowned in black ink
Under several layers of unintelligible text
Poor recreations of a life well spent
History sits in a cool, dark cellar gathering cobwebs
The words allowed to set
But the truth leaks through dampened sheets
And the thoughts you assumed well hidden
Bleed onto blank pages
For nothing can truly be destroyed
In a world whose only job
Is to exist

Life: An Imaginary Solace from a Finite Nature

A morbid obsession
With no reigns to grasp
A self propelled carriage
That only stops upon introduction to a brick wall
Like Hollywood movies
The ending is clear
But how do we get there, from here?
Silent clues in kindergarten drawings
Trace the future in chunky lines
Of primary colors
Spilling out all over the page
Hearts and hands replace blood and gore
And the lead-up is anticlimactic
A slow lull in time
The calm before the storm
Technology squashed him like a bug
So into his imagination they moved
To recreate a playful fantasy
Of just a single week
As if it stood apart
From the previous three hundred fifty
But the heart heals quickly if you let it
And old pastimes become new
In the sense that someone is missing
But temple wounds from smoking barrels
Bruises from table legs
And cuts from flailing drunken fingertips
Prove not much has changed
And all that's left is to wonder
If nothing changes anyway,
Then what's the point of dying?

Dancing with Drones to Keep from Drowning

The pounding of the earth passed unconsciously
Like the forgotten stories of humanity past
Clinging to a feeling
Adrenaline, power, the great roar of the machine
Vibrating between four legs
Locked in an impossible state of being
But even Jesus fell when attempting to climb the hill
A single misstep
To forever change the course of history
Wheels sliced through the autumn air
Humming a familiar tune
In time with the clanking of dishes
And the guttural snores from down the hall
One babe to another
Inaudible voices, trapped in their chests
Unable to escape their racing hearts
Neurons lit up
And electrical signals traveled near the speed of light
Alerting family members
Delegations ensued
But not before I noticed his small blue body
Rolled through another door
Life may have left the body
But my mind still whirls with anticipation
And the engine keeps humming
That too familiar song

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why I'll Never Be Famous

Scouring the horizon for tidbits of information
Words float on by unless I snap them from the air
Fling then down and pin them with a tack
On blanks of sheets of paper
Empty of anything, devoid of feeling
Pretending there's something behind it
Something hidden between the lines
Real world experience has no alternative
Do it, be it, or don't
Transcribing random imitations
Stolen right our of a thesaurus
Temporarily adopted and given a home
Made of sticks and straw
The big bad wolf can't wait to blow it down
Again, all over again
Bouncing around the yard
Finding new inspiration
Pen it, paint it, forget it
The past lingers in stands of light
Fading neon traces in the night
The black hole is spinning
Around and around
There is no view
In a room with no windows
Only doors are within sight
The future is limitless
The past has dissipated in a cloud of ash
Blackened ruins crumble and fall
Leaving trails of eroding pebbles
In the wake of broken footsteps
Leading up to a moment in time
As real as any
As false as most
Paradigms are shifted and flipped on their head
The sands of time hesitate before changing direction
New courses are set
To lands uncharted
And familiar lay lines
Grow further apart
Until nothing is left
But a blank sheet of paper