Friday, September 17, 2010

Everything is Nothing

Diabolical instrumentation of the worst kind
Sends fleets fleeing off course
Drowning them in an ocean of intolerance
Cold, harsh depths
Blackness obfuscates and becomes
Something other than a word
In the darkness are the most honest reflections
Mirrored in a swirl of bubbles
Air pockets sliding gently along the body
Like clear blue bath beads
Sensations cling to the external stimuli
Don't face too far inside!
No vertex, climax, or apex
No bottom rung from which to dismount
Space is eternally present
In the grain of sand
Scratching across the cornea
Fingertips are useless in protoplasmic paradigms
Parlaying into paralyzing revelations
Of unimaginable proportions
Sweeping across cavernous membranes
Folded over and over
Packed in like sardines
With no room but to think
Sanity swoons over slight indulgences
Plunging being back into the dark
An obscure light floats across a pixelated screen
Chalked up to faulty wiring
The fullness of an empty room
Stifles with its nothingness
And taunts with its everything

Lost at Sea

This water bearer
Feels lost without the sea
I can hear it beckoning me
I'm further from home
But nearer my goal
I just can't seem to reconcile the two
The Gulf of Mexico drove me away
So I ran off to the Atlantic
From Florida to Maine
And yet still found nowhere to stay
The West is calling me back
To someplace I've never been
I just hope the rocky beaches
Don't also drown me in reasons
To head back to Trinity Bay

Generational Gaps

I'm just young, dumb, and full of cum
And also somewhat of an elitist
I'm entitled to my happiness
I'm entitled to your wealth
I'm too young to know better
And too undereducated to understand
My inferior learning didn't prepare me
For the real world
But I need to suck it up and dive in
I don't get capitalism
And am blind to the evils of the world
I live in the best nation on the planet
Under the best God, with the greatest leaders
I'm the freest person ever to be born
But I should shut my mouth
About things I don't understand
My opinions are only agreeable
Through a majority consensus
But I must rise to the occasion
And protect the homeland
Vote for my favorite puppet
And buy into my spoon fed propaganda

Pastoral Pertinence

The old bat can smell it
I see it in her eyes
As she stalks across the backyard
Ambushing swallowtails
She senses the outside world
Sees it just beyond the fence
And she ponders jumping through
Though the cool calico may never sing,
She sure mews a lot

Her Snow White Complexion Was Her Downfall

It all seemed so
Like ancient man offering up a sacrifice
The steel blade slid silently
Across her smooth throat
And crimson bubbles foamed
Around a gaping hole
As she tried to scream
But the pit was hot, the fire stoked
We had no time for lengthy death scenes
So we lodged a bullet between her pleading eyes
And set to dismantling her flesh


I have no means
Of selling myself
In the name of humanity
Clutching to my culture
What culture?
My genetic roots
Sprouted into trees
One by one cut down
Cauterized, removed from reality
Severed like distant ties
That no longer bind
Placing myself in familiar territory
Doing it all over again
Enthusiastic ambitions
Emanated an impressive bounty
Shattered, disintegrated from being
The circle of life continues
The trees sigh briefly
Heavy under the burden of existence
Shrinking back under the hot Alabama summer
Letting go loose memories that rain down
Ostracized by their own brethren

Murky Mortal Mirrors

It seems the whole world is speaking to me
Through facial twitches and pop-up ads
I see my reflection
The universe dares me to bare my soul
But she's already captured it
Held tightly in a gravitational vice
Centrifugal forces keep me grounded
But I can't stay out of the clouds
A stranger's hand brushes my shoulder
And it all comes crashing back
Too quickly for me to react
So I plod on
Unable to reconnect all the dots
To finally see the big picture

Sweet Succession

Flat on your back, legs up in the air
(insert inappropriate joke here)
Just a quiet, peaceful lump
Of hardened black and yellow bands
Covered in a halo of pollen

I'd flick your carcass out of the way
If it weren't for the insurmountable effort
That it must have taken for such a small group
Of tireless workers to drag you thus far
As evidenced by the steam of gold

An elephant, a feast, for hundreds of mouths
No chance to fade to dust, you'll be underground
Shredded in no time and turned into sugar
Pure, cane-less sugar, sweet with the taste of death
Pungent with the air of impending doom

Providing all the energy needed for your hyenas
To climb inside the walls and relocate themselves
In my kitchen cabinets, scouting out man-made alternatives
For fuel supplies in the wake of a changing climate
Removing certain links from the food chain

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Deflation, inflation
All of it an aberration
Of your prescribed reality
In the eyes of this nation
I am an abomination
Set on derailing an agenda
My illusion
Is just a pollution
Brought on like a sickness
Devouring healthy cells
Inviting each and every one
Of my personal hells
The level of indignation
Rises with the prolonged
Of ideas, hopes, and dreams
That are slowly unraveling
Revealing unimaginable truths
In direct opposition
To our human intuition

A Brief History

Religious persecution
Rebuild a civilization
Destroy foreign indoctrination
From CBO's to welfare state
From Nanny to Big Brother
Religious persecution
Rebuild a civilization

Current Events

Stage set
This bomb's my pet
Not to be taken lightly
Lines were drawn
And redrawn
Then ignored all together
Peace agreements are considered worthwhile
Just because both parties showed up
But no one expects anything to happen
Until the problem is presented
To as of yet, unborn children
A bloody trail through the Congo
Leads up to the U.N.'s doors
Who claim they can do nothing to stop it
Hundreds of women raped
It's just all to commonplace to bother
Slowly decaying infrastructures
Become the new focus
For the fifteenth time in two years
And the faces of those in charge soften
Here, here, don't cry, let us dry your tears
Belgium is splitting at the seams
And Tanzania is on its knees
Begging Europe to just
But biofuel production
For the developed world
Is too big to be contained
Land grabs are the only way
The native populations have the right
To put up a fight
But we're going to do it anyway

This Land is MY Land

Religious persecution
Led man to "new" lands
Of opportunity
The natives were demolished
To make way for a new history
Based on truth, logic, and reason
For tis the season
For the ultimate pursuit of happiness
Stacked neatly along the shelves
In individual packages
All tied with a bright red bow
Pick one up today
At your neighborhood friendly
We Own You Corp.
Pretend freedom is just a word
Not a god given right
Xenophobic tendencies run high
In the land graced by His hand
Because if god wanted us all equal
He'd have made us all the same