Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Actualities Effectuate Alienations

an extreme aversion to an immersion of some undeniably grotesque reaction to the concoction of the abstraction now deemed society lends itself nicely to other peoples predisposition to label their environmental agents in an effort to provide themselves with neat, concise images and definitions for simplicity in an overly complicated worldview. like doppler radar, everything repeats itself as it inevitably inches farther off the green screen, further out of sight. suddenly, no one will remember that anything was forgotten and the saga of this age shall proceed just as before. like all else, this whole charade will eventually come crashing down on top of itself, spewing forth the remnants of a materialistic age to float off like ashes from an urn. will the remains of this society be solely ideological decompositions or that of a physical nature. an apparent lack of societal creativity may lead some to predict the latter, an ignorantly idealistic nature perhaps the former but peering up through the double-paned windows, glancing over treetops and mountainsides, leads to the summation: it is thus.

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