Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Incongruent Realities

A deliberately recurring hiatus from society leaves me in awe of the magnitude of men each time I dare to venture back into what are apparently civilized transactions. As tiny, bleeding hands work tirelessly to stock the shelves for consciously ignorant shoppers eager to save a buck, truth is measured in statist pride with fiercely animated nationalistic dogma contrived through shady deals in well lit rooms that dwarf the status of individuals. Historical realities are swept aside despite empirical evidence while entire populations are drowned in hypocritical propaganda that is swallowed with increasing ease, lending itself to even higher levels of control. And here I sit upon a concrete beach teeming with the newly brainwashed and my temple aches. With some certainty I feel myself swiftly developing a Moshe complex as I cry out at the emerging globalist technocracy. Bienvenido al futuro, amigo.

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