Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pen to Sword and Back Again

I slice through the tension
Peel back the layers
And try not to cry
As I struggle to make out
Just what's underneath
Penning together a few lines
Pearls of wisdom strung along
Slip away due to my poor craftsmanship
Into the ocean, sinking down to the bottom
Of a never-ending barrel
Spilling over with the outgrown remnants
Of monkey men in suits
Blades of steel are produced
And lobbed at my head
Amongst a splattering of gunshots
Raining down on crimson covered streets
Washing away our present
Fixing us on the future
A single bright light
Stands its ground, high above the crowd
So I stared straight into the sun
Just to understand something new
But nothing happened, I still see
And still pretend to agree
That these poorly written words
Were forged strictly
By the flames of a war
That burned someone else's throat

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