Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Navigating the Treetops

Backed into a corner
That slides easily into 360 degrees
A vast horizon
Arcing in familiar ways
The landscape changes
The further we veer from the course
On course for more
Belittled by a careful blow
Graceful across your cheek
But stinging
Like the thousands of jellyfish
We unwittingly passed
On our journey up the coast
We plummeted into the darkness
Snaking our way through the forest
And climbing up into trees
Establishing a foothold
For even greater leaps
High into the clouds
Wistfully wandering
Lost to wayward whims
That kept us so low to the ground
Now, mountain top hippies
Establishing monk like norms
In jungle canopies
Forgoing the trite nature
Of our previous environments
And opening the doors
To new experiences
And possibilities
Through raw and undefined parameters
A link to a distant past
Where we met once
Under a waterfall
That sent predispositions fleeing
Like lemmings from a cliff
I yearn to rediscover
That powerful, watery tool
That etched our paths
Through the valleys and bayous
To our club house paradise
With colorful markings
Lining the walls
Unconsciously brightening
Each and every day
A flashlight for the soul
That shall burn bright
As long as rivers flow