Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Frenzied Strategems

It started out a rebellion
Against the man
It ended up
A fight for life
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And then back to square one
Starting over feels so right
It can't be wrong

One slip, then two
And the mountain comes tumbling down
Crashing over houses
Emptying out into the streets
Someone is crying
Another is fighting
Anguish, remorse, regret
The only true feelings left

Or is it patriotism at it's very best
A convoluted story no one questions
Just accepts as truth
This is where we are
Who are we becoming
But an angry mob
The mentality of a fifth grader
Ignorant of the world around us

Fighting for justice
Like it's a pastime
A hobby
In flux
In spite of everything
Desperation leads to death
The death of it all

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