Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Corybantic Vehemence

What a waste of my time. Absolutely, positively counter-productive. In an effort to save my soul from.. whatever. I must stop. It's actually quite ridiculous. Especially this particular time in my life. For several reasons in fact, both internal and external factors. How exciting! Something new to distract me from this black void I call my life. Only in my head though, because I do not want to freak people out. I can't tell them. Especially not now; it's too late. The deed is done, so to speak. I don't feel guilty, it just upsets me how angry my family and Eric's are going to be. Whatever, I'll just run away. To hell with this place and these people. I'll leave tonight! But what do I do with Eric's head?
To think, that just a week ago, we had been happy. Not just happy, ecstatic. We were finally moving in together, finally getting our dream house. I mean, we got a puppy and everything. I had recently gotten a job at the bank as a teller. Sure, it wasn't the dream job I had often thought about, but such is life. I was happy enough, and I had Eric. Eric. That fucking whore. He got just what he deserved. I had cautioned him, but obviously my forewarning fell on deaf ears. Too late now, I suppose. It's better to live in the moment anyway.
I made my way back to the house carrying Eric's head by the long blond strands of hair matted with his blood in my right hand, a blood-spattered machete in my left. The door was still ajar, so I kicked it open. The door slammed into the wall behind it, causing the panes in the door to rattle. The doorknob smashed through the wall, leaving a perfectly symetrical hole in its wake. I sped through the livingroom and made a bee-line for the kitchen, dripping blood along the way. I held the head out in front of me, so the blood spattered on the ground in front of me; I glanced back towards the door, and saw red shoeprints all along the hardwood floors.
I rounded the corner into the kitchen, and set about looking for something the store the head in. I wasn't sure why I wanted to keep it, but I saw no point in fighting it. Nothing really mattered at the moment. I squatted down in front of the sink, and opened the two cabinet doors in front of me. I rummaged through the cleaning products and plastic bags to find a small blue cooler, but large enough to store Eric's head. I opened the cooler and saw it was still dirty from the last time I had used it. Oddly, I set about washing it out. I scrubbed the inside until it was sparkling white, and then layered the bottom with ice. I gently placed Eric's head on top of the ice, and then filled the remaining space with more ice. I closed the lid to the cooler and carried it to the garage. I fumbled through Eric's tools trying to find anything that would secure the lid. Eventually I stumbled upon a couple of black bungee cords. I hooked the two cords together at one end and then stretched them out until I could clasp the other together. It took a lot of work to stretch them far enough to connect with each other, so I figured I was fine. I went back into the house, where I had forgotten about the mess. In the kitchen, our pale blue linoleum floor was smeared with blood from the entrance to the sink. I grabbed a bright red bucket and some Pine-Sol from under the sink. I poured all of the lemon fresh cleaner into the bucket and added a little water. I reached back under the sink to find three scouring pads. I placed the bucket on the floor and grabbed the mop from beside the refrigerator, placing it in my potent cleaning solution.
I opened another cabinet and pulled out three pots and filled them with water. I put them on the stove and turned all of the eyes to high. I had no idea what I was doing. How was I supposed to know how to get blood out of hardwood floors?! A bit overwhelmed suddenly, I raced out the door into the front yard. We lived a mile and a half from the main road, so no one could see me or what I had done. I jumped off the porch trying to completely bypass the four stairs leading down to the yard. I almost made it. My left food caught on the last step, the feel of my shoe brought my leg to a sudden halt while the rest of my body continued forward. My leg crumpled underneath me, and I fell straight down. Luckily the rest of Eric's body softened my fall.
Shit! The rest of Eric's body! In my worry about what to do with the head, I had completely forgotten about the rest of him.

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