Monday, October 5, 2009

Enlightening Contingency Internalization

Soft, brown squares pulsating like breathing marshmallows. Neatly stitched lines of green dance across and down, horizontal and vertical like radio waves. Peak after peak, the neon glow ready to announced the end with that high pitched tone signifying your next journey. Falling backwards, sinking down into a velvety river, staring off into rainbow sunsets with small gusts of wind circulating, constantly distorting and creating images. In pitch black the leaves fold against bare skin, caressing each point and amplifying the sound of nothingness like electrons scattered across craniums littered with newly mowed patches where dignity could once be found. Festivities began like the aroma of four month old milk. Like peas in a pod they snuck out together leaving behind soft, flowing monuments once resembling walls now camouflaged with patchworks of bright orange art, splattered throughout, burning the nostrils and provoking involuntary reactions, natural instincts. From land to sea to air, always watchful, ever resourceful, conjuring up new methods to estimate the sum and subtract for damages and equate everything to an even larger fiasco: there aren't any numbers to be found in that seemingly empty fleshy cavern. Hoisted up and slippery like an eel, or perhaps more so like shark hunting. The carcass stuffed into a hard right angle albeit the creature's awkward fit, off to Oz they went never to be seen or heard from again. Inside the playground the Insects took over and did a poor job at cleaning up despite their best efforts, never to be recognized for their struggles. A crash of blinding light from the sky sent new thoughts spiraling out until the realization was met and circumstances faded out into the background as they often do.

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