Monday, October 5, 2009

Inaugural Omegan Acquiescence

I sit upon the floor in that style described in the absolute antithesis of political correctness by those in charge of young minds and stare off into nowhere of any importance. This is my reaction to the abstraction concocted in what some might deem too much alone time; this is my attempt at seizing this idealistic reality and climbing into those pleather seats of some brightly colored carnival ride and zooming forth. Eventually it will stop, or it won't and I'll be shot off at the speed of light barreling down on some unidentified flying object that will probably turn out to be in fact, a flaming comet that disintegrates what's left of me until it's as if I disappeared into thin air. Horrendous though it may seem, I fear not the unknown. It is now I swagger forth and lay claim to an apparition I'm as of yet still unable to imagine. Chaos is beautiful, relevant, and inherent. This is my surrender.

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