Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Instant Infinity

Convenient mental blocks lead to incomplete maps of directives and realities of a misconstrued past. Like a mirage growing and stretching with the sun, the heat rises and falls, cresting over desert landscapes. Tumbleweeds against the background produce cyclones that appear at random. The dust settles and blankets the inhabitants; diffusion of information bleeds into the system, circulating. Triple bonds weave together floating like asteroids in space. From the Kuiper belt light bounds and hides behind Sirius, creeping along with impressive speed, warming the climate, bringing new templates with more intricacies where less movement is needed. The veil is lifted as true purposes and powers become clear. Secrets are a thing of the past, get them out now. Tomorrow I'll just reach into your brain and pull out all undisclosed information and share in your long, enduring pain.

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