Sunday, April 4, 2010


The precedent has been set that those in power cannot be held accountable to those they do not respect, so continue to follow these stupid laws that tie you down and wear away at your soul. You mind has been infiltrated; it's no surprise you don't know. Unbind your hand and sigh with relief because now that you have taken the first step, the rest will be a breeze. Abstractly speaking of course since greedy hands will not fall idly from around your neck. Tear and claw at your captors if you wish to stay alive or succumb to their every whim and let humanity die. Dirty tactics are encouraged through television screens to give way to more authoritarian rule. 99-1 odds sound pretty good to me though, so get up off your knees and wipe that silly grin from your face, smear war paint across your cheeks, we will win this race.

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