Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Current Events

Stage set
This bomb's my pet
Not to be taken lightly
Lines were drawn
And redrawn
Then ignored all together
Peace agreements are considered worthwhile
Just because both parties showed up
But no one expects anything to happen
Until the problem is presented
To as of yet, unborn children
A bloody trail through the Congo
Leads up to the U.N.'s doors
Who claim they can do nothing to stop it
Hundreds of women raped
It's just all to commonplace to bother
Slowly decaying infrastructures
Become the new focus
For the fifteenth time in two years
And the faces of those in charge soften
Here, here, don't cry, let us dry your tears
Belgium is splitting at the seams
And Tanzania is on its knees
Begging Europe to just
But biofuel production
For the developed world
Is too big to be contained
Land grabs are the only way
The native populations have the right
To put up a fight
But we're going to do it anyway

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