Friday, September 17, 2010

Everything is Nothing

Diabolical instrumentation of the worst kind
Sends fleets fleeing off course
Drowning them in an ocean of intolerance
Cold, harsh depths
Blackness obfuscates and becomes
Something other than a word
In the darkness are the most honest reflections
Mirrored in a swirl of bubbles
Air pockets sliding gently along the body
Like clear blue bath beads
Sensations cling to the external stimuli
Don't face too far inside!
No vertex, climax, or apex
No bottom rung from which to dismount
Space is eternally present
In the grain of sand
Scratching across the cornea
Fingertips are useless in protoplasmic paradigms
Parlaying into paralyzing revelations
Of unimaginable proportions
Sweeping across cavernous membranes
Folded over and over
Packed in like sardines
With no room but to think
Sanity swoons over slight indulgences
Plunging being back into the dark
An obscure light floats across a pixelated screen
Chalked up to faulty wiring
The fullness of an empty room
Stifles with its nothingness
And taunts with its everything

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