Monday, February 23, 2009

Anodyne Invasion

A flicker of light fills the gap between us. A flash, a spark, a glow. But then it's gone, again, only to be substantiated into a different form. Flecks of green mix with silvery puffs of air. Wind rushes in, cascading down the steep cliff of pink, flesh-colored walls. It empties into a deep cavernous pit covered in tiny bodies. Martians that take over, laying claim to everything visible and transporting it to their home. Quickly, a steady stream of data is beamed up and away, to the center. The pinnacle, the head. The message is transcribed, decrypted, and disseminated to the masses, one at a time. Everything glows when the process is complete; there is a slight buzz all over. The process is internal and complicated. An air of transparency lets outsiders think they have it all figured out.

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