Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Star Dust to Storm Trooper

Bright green eyes peer beneath the dotted lines
Surrounded by a heavy cast of metal
Subconciously drawn forth
To battle demons not yet introduced
Like a knight I charge forth into the night
Full of intent
That blinds me to my own reality
That bends and stretches for miles
Careening out of control until
It falls
Right off a cliff is where I want to be
Diving into the great unknown
Where I shall discover the truth behind this facade
And a distorted philosophy
Filled with holes and riddles
That cast me in an eerie light
That I run from
As if I can hide from the shadows
Silhouettes of all the secrets I sent out into the world
My creations are my responsibility
To the extent that I feed them
But to cut all ties seems most unwise
In a land brimming with jesters
Who preach to me the importance
Of transparency
From behind their own brightly colored disguises
That distract
From all that is within
My head grows weary as the mask grows heavy
And I yearn to cast it from my brow
To stand and scream and rave
Like a madman who overstayed his visit to the depths
Of his humanity
My eyes are so deceiving
And my words flow as freely as the sands
That circle the globe
For there is no end
To what has no beginning
And no mask that can trap
My eternal being

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