Friday, October 8, 2010

A Reminder to Breathe

Surprises in the form of question marks
Leave me more satisfied than a mere exclamation
A periodic reminder
That to know everything, is nothing
To know nothing, means everything
A list of attributes begins with a colon
But ends with a blanket statement
I am brother, I am man, I am he
But in a world of such complexity
Run-ons are inevitable
A smattering of sequences, linked by a dominant pair
A quick glance reveals the need for proofing
So the editing begins
And once recognizable secrets are drowned in black ink
Under several layers of unintelligible text
Poor recreations of a life well spent
History sits in a cool, dark cellar gathering cobwebs
The words allowed to set
But the truth leaks through dampened sheets
And the thoughts you assumed well hidden
Bleed onto blank pages
For nothing can truly be destroyed
In a world whose only job
Is to exist

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