Friday, October 8, 2010

Dancing with Drones to Keep from Drowning

The pounding of the earth passed unconsciously
Like the forgotten stories of humanity past
Clinging to a feeling
Adrenaline, power, the great roar of the machine
Vibrating between four legs
Locked in an impossible state of being
But even Jesus fell when attempting to climb the hill
A single misstep
To forever change the course of history
Wheels sliced through the autumn air
Humming a familiar tune
In time with the clanking of dishes
And the guttural snores from down the hall
One babe to another
Inaudible voices, trapped in their chests
Unable to escape their racing hearts
Neurons lit up
And electrical signals traveled near the speed of light
Alerting family members
Delegations ensued
But not before I noticed his small blue body
Rolled through another door
Life may have left the body
But my mind still whirls with anticipation
And the engine keeps humming
That too familiar song

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