Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Inevitability of Overthinking Every Situation

My knees shivered in the cool breeze
Under the dirty white tent
In the back alley
Secluded from the rest of the world
Because even in a place of acceptance
We must hide away
And my new found honesty with myself
Was doing back flips
To an existential beat
The written words of two vain souls
Staring into each others eyes
Glued together like those plastic lips
Of the shoes that wouldn't shut up
And screamed with each step
Threatening to throw it all off balance
It's just so typical
That all these tiny plastic pieces
Will fall apart at the most inconvenient times
Like the threads of a memory
That I can't seem to tie all together
To hold it all in place
And I feel it threatening to burst
Like an ancient dam
Overflowing with all the pent up frustrations
Of a cyclical depression
That rounds back each time
I step off in a new direction
But this time I won't let myself get complacent
I'll keep my gut reactions in check
Since they're all just repetitions anyway
As if I'm trying to say,
And perhaps I really am,
Just reach out and grab me,
Throw me to the floor
And stomp this heart in my chest
So I'll know it can feel something
Before I turn back a page
To ruminate on past transgressions
And lose the hope
That I can still get hurt

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