Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Screaming in Silence

My tongue blisters
With all the words I let lie there
With all the wounds I won't let scab over
Because I like the taste of blood
Pouring over my teeth
It reminds me of all the time
I've shared with myself
Stewing, pondering, contemplating
Rearranging drawn out conversations
And piecing them back together
Like a Picasso painting
My eyes are stuck looking inward
My nose just fell off
And my ears have grown to unimaginable proportions
Taking in each passing glance
And awkward silence
Like satellite dishes in space
Hovering round a careless body
That grows more ripe
With each passing day
Thank goodness my nostrils disappeared
Or else I might have to actually admit
That this situation
Is far from odorless
And my lips would realize
They're just useless pieces of flesh
And would find themselves utterly perturbed
At the complete lack of attention
I've allowed them to draw
To a not insignificant number of situations

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