Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anarchic Melodies

A cacophony of sounds
A melody that pounds
Into my unfit brain
-Unfit for understanding
The simplest of syllables
Like two strangers whistling in the dark
Grasping for echoes
That dance around the room
Like fireflies on a warm summer night
Deceiving even the most astute
And I wonder what song
Is carried by the wind
To these untrained ears
And I yearn to comprehend
The incessant chatter on sunny days
To know to whom they are speaking
Is it to each other in love?
To one another in jest?
Or is it to me they plea,
To just tell the world to rest?
The rantings of the raven,
The wishes of the wren
All of them mixing in the wind
And I find myself lost upon this
-A cacophony of sounds

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