Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trapped in my Head

I'm stuck between a rock
and that dark place
where I always get what I want
At least, perhaps, in the evolutionary sense
Running through overgrown fields
With no desire but
to spread my seed throughout
Trampling over hearts
Until my feet are covered in blood
And smooth muscle rushes between my toes
with so many faint heartbeats I feel right at home
Standing in the center of the room
Spotlight on a bare spot on the stage
And I'm just beside it
waiting for that perfect opportunity
I'd jump in sooner if all those voices
Knocking about my head
Would quiet long enough
to let my own heart speak
Stagefright, a thing of the past
But all of this is just going so fast
And I have no choice but to panic
and try lighting a candle in the dark

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