Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cosmic Colonization

No longer bound by geographical anomalies
We set off in the name of humanity
Dusty red skies welcome us with open arms
And we dive into the future
Set up camp along a barren basin
And rock climb to new heights
Records are made to be broken
And so we will with each step
As molehills become mountains
And we scurry to the top
How long will we be satisfied
With being bi-planetary beings?
The sun sends out streams of radiation
And we gather information
Via earthly mainframes
Packets of knowledge streak through space
And land at the front door
Of what will prove to be
An exact replica
Of a common book on colonization
From the West to the rest of the galaxy
Manifest destinies are expanded
To include galactic planes
That we shall inherit
In the name of progress
Refurbish an empty lot
And park a Starbucks
For a quick pick me up for passers-by
Before they head to Saturn
For a late night dinner
On floating chunks of ice

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