Thursday, November 4, 2010

Idling Through Existence

Data gluts and technophiles
Are up in arms
All over the blogosphere
Netizens unite
Under a global truce
Holding hands in forums
And coming to terms with
Privacy policies
The world is free
In an open cloud
But a high speed connection
Won't perform open heart surgery
Data is as exponential
As streams of consciousness
Traveling the globe
In technocratic fashion
The curtain is pulled back
To reveal a more inclusive picture
Each bit contains the whole
And our celestial beginnings
Come closer to being unearthed
As 3-D images fly by
And form all around us
Deceiving as they may be
This is, as things are
A complete bold faced lie
That straps us to the walls of a cave
Where we can only watch the shadows
That dance before our eyes
We are allowed access
To all we had before
Not a bit more
Than we can handle
Because if we knew the truth
Beneath the piles of sludge
That line the street corners
We would have long ago
Made real use of our inactivity

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