Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aiming at Each Other

Like a pack of wolves we set off
To explore our natural habitats
And discover something new
A naïve attempt at finding happiness in nature
Our swift feet weren't fast enough
And soon twilight edged in
With the moon eager to reclaim her territory
The woods fell silent
But for the quickening of heartbeats
That played on like a scene from Der Freischütz
In the pale moonlight we caught a glimpse
Of familiar territory, neatly manicured and green
Alive with the chorus of all those unseen creatures
That rejoice while birds sleep
We emerged from the brush scratched and scarred
Innocence left over the dark hedges behind us
Trapped in silent stares passed under the cloak of night
New environments gave birth to similar results
And recreation became obsession
Our excuses as rare as the stars above
We calibrated our efforts
And set our sights on each other
Until one by one we fell to the ground
Lost forever amongst an entomological symphony
And a sea of silver tears

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