Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Ins and Outs of Celestial Travel

Far beneath the surface of the sea
In the craggy depths between the unseen valleys
Mother Earth offers herself through self mutilation
And bleeds life into existence
Through the cracks in sandy beaches devoid of light
Oversized brine chase each other through the coral
Darting to and fro in carefree bliss
Unaware of the realities overhead
Like a school of fish we travel together
Weary of all those sharks in the water
That refuse us even a moment's peace
For fear we recognize the power in numbers
This new game is fairly old
As evidenced by recent archaeological finds
That won't allow us to forget
All those past transgressions
And just like before we shall rise from the ocean
To test our sea legs on dry land
Running into the wind until we pick up enough resistance
To fly aloft and see the world from a new vantage point
Until we crash back into those steely blue depths
As a feast for all those we left behind
A pendulum swings back and forth
From one extreme to the other, shifting hues
We smash protons with more accuracy
Than we can pinpoint actions on the scale of good and evil
All the while pretending that our various schools of thought
Are simultaneously right and wrong
In an agreeably disagreeable world
We look for Quetzalcoatl to settle ancient scores
But cannot remember just what he looks like
Each flying object is given a name to be discarded
Upon revelation of actualities we masquerade as truth
Blue lights over cold cities spiral in the sky
Shooting off for some unnamed target
Reason finds a foothold among the anti-religious
But paradigm shifts don't happen overnight
As the future barrels down on us we forget
Of our murky beginnings but may soon be reminded
By the tsunamis that have never forgotten
And the primordial soup is stirred in this galactic cauldron
Once again, in a long series of firsts that give birth
To the many sagas of ends
The night sky welcomes her new masters with open arms
As universal time tables bend into position
And reveal just how little we know about anything

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