Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plutocracy Vs Poverty

The straw that broke the camels back
Came decades ago
And we pretend not to see it
The halls of justice
Ring loud and clear
With the message of true Americanism
We taught the poor to hate themselves
To aspire to something else
You can be whoever you want to be
In this land of opportunity
As long as you have the cash
The masses bump into each other
In line for unemployment benefits
And blame each other
For what is said
To be their own fault
Flagellation becomes a national pastime
As we skirt dying cities
And look past an empty field of dreams
Ancient buildings
With broken windows
And poor excuses for material
Excesses line the dirty halls
Stuffed with too many children
Corralled into the arena
For everyone to see
Just how dangerous they are
Bullet-proof glass
In stretch limos
Are seen leaving gated communities
To parade around the ghetto
Preaching self sustenance
You can be me, if you just work hard enough
Don't bite the hand that feeds
We gave you these opportunities
Out of the goodness of our hearts
The wealth gap widens
And we are poorer than before
But overall GDP is growing
So something must be right
Handfuls of corporate monies
Are passed in the dark
Among the shadows
Lurking like a disease
That never really went away
Patriarchs and disciples
Will lead the way
Yanking on the chains that bind
A people to the State
In the name of progress
Even if it means going backwards
Plutocratic innovations are nothing new
But are back in a whole new way
Degrading what is left
Of an already crumbling idea
Of democracy

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