Thursday, November 18, 2010


The pale glow of the television set floods the room
Casting my life in blue, coating the walls with static
That clings tightly to every corner
And gathers everywhere and nowhere at the same time
I pull the covers over my head and duck out of existence
For a moment, imagining the world
As an overextended wink that shuts out
All those things I don't want to see
Outside the moon is full
Sneaking in around poorly drawn shutters
And spilling into my lap
Bathing me in mellowed tones
I can't quite hear
In the morning, the sun shines brightly
And thrusts itself into my life
Unforgiving of my attempts to hide in plain sight
I squeeze my eyes shut with such fervor
For a moment it seemed my eyelashes would blend together
Tie knots and eternally refuse me
That which I worked so hard to ignore
In a miraculous display of perfect timing
You appeared on my doorstep
Like an unexpected package wrapped in a silver cloth
I saw my face reflected on your chest
Staring back at me in horror
Fumbling forward I felt my heart fall to my feet
Along with all the blood coursing through my veins
And I stood paralyzed in the light
Of a stranger I couldn't take my eyes off of
And poised ready to acknowledge the truths
I felt within my chest but kept locked away
The door crept open as if possessed
And my hands acted with a mind of their own
Waving you in without my knowledge
One step, then two and then I saw you falter
I was filled with more panic that I thought possible
And the words came crashing from my mouth
Drowning you in repressed waves of animation
That kept this slowly sinking ship afloat
I see a bright, white light at the end of the tunnel
And you standing there in the center, coaxing
Like a newborn I struggle to find myself
Before setting off on wavering steps
Toward you and the horizon
My only fear is that you will grow weary of waiting
And disappear from my field of vision
Forever leaving me in this dark, lonely tunnel
That I've called home for so long

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