Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Only Buddhist for the Health Benefits

They say, and you know how I feel
About them, that history cannot be decided
Until it is analyzed and repackaged for the masses
Disseminated through the proper channels
Old World remedies for everyday problems
Are only applicable in the New World
Under careful observation
Of corporate led Research and Development
The Real World isn't real enough
Symmetrical, symbolic, symbiotic -perhaps
But this economy won't run itself
So into the lab we go
Twisting man-made matter
Into something useful and meaningful
With an adequate level of cost-efficiency
Humanity is but a percentage point
In a long line of presentations
Broken down and divvied up
By our new cartographers
Wielding high powered microscopes
Who study the Natural world enough
To make us swallow it Artificially
We'll choke on tiny plastic pills
Packed with all our hard work
Until we lose the gag reflex
And forget that there ever was
Anything beyond ourselves

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