Friday, November 12, 2010

Two-Faced but with the Faceless

I'm more honest with strangers
Than I am with myself
But you read text messages
Like I read blank stares
Sarcasm doesn't travel well
And I can't stand using smiley faces
I get angry over petty comments
About stories I don't even believe
And use it as a justification
For my world view
I'll face what's on the inside
When you do
All while pretending
I'd do it better than you ever could have
I'll tilt my head and shake it
Until something falls out
Pick up the broken pieces
And slyly put them back together
To cover up all the holes and answers
I don't want you to know
Then present it as myself
And walk calmly
From one lie to the other
And later declare
It was the best I could manage
Under such inauspicious conditions

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