Friday, March 5, 2010

Aspasia's Alliteration

Argonautic ventures toward apocryphal ambitions will lead us straight to Avernus. As we cross the Aegean Sea toward the ultimate abomination of desolation that shall prove to be our Achilles' heel, we'll discover our search for ego will end at the Greek calends, or perhaps at the eleventh hour we'll find our Arcadian society without embracing the spirit of Ares. Instead of turning to anthrophagi we'll feast on ambrosia as we discover the truth behind our modern day Atlanta's race and embrace those wandering adullamites and become as rich as Croesus. The apple of discord is simply an illusion kept alive by modern day Amydaens with no interest in staving off Armageddon. the conclusion must be reached that as a tree falls, so shall it lie; ego's not just absent from the arena, it exists solely as an apparition of the allusion of self.

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