Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rapturous Sciolism

Tears of joy flowed freely into the streets as historical wrongs were righted with the quick push of a button that may or may not have recorded your actual intentions. As we praise our new silver tongued demagogue we forget about past incursions and stroll merrily down the street passing more degenerates daily. Eerily Orwellian posters plaster the sides of buildings giving way to more scapegoating of innocent bystanders who are completely unaware of the true value of their lives, broken down into percentages and rounded off to neat decimal points, as the fruits of the labors are conspicuously stolen from right underneath us and shipped across the sea. We sit on the sidelines as we watch opportunities go by, spiraling down the drain and do nothing more than sigh. Bullies are there for the same reasons as their victims. Heavy burdens are heavier if you don't exercise your right to lighten the load and promote fairness on the playground. We're all just in awe of people that were supposedly picked from among us and astoundingly use us all for collateral. Ignorance is bliss, until that pink slip shows up on your gleaming white desk.

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  1. I rarely get to see prose poems on the Net these days. I like the last line, it's a great volte face