Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coital Diversion

Inconspicuous eyes in computer screens
That offer glimpses into the room
Are like glory holes for Uncle Sam to stick his cock through
Fucking you up the ass, with no lube
Some notice something sketchy and apply the fix all, duct tape
As if it's going to stop people from peeking
Others have been abused for so long that they no longer feel it
A light whoosh as a flatulent that never really began or ended
Simply slips out without notice
For some it still hurts, but for how long
Eventually it all just feels the same
Get off your hands and knees
Bite down on that hand that feeds
And yank with all your might
Rip it from its source and bury it out back
Sure, someone else will just come along
And attempt to get their rocks off
But you've already enjoyed that first taste of blood

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