Friday, March 5, 2010

Ludicrous Circumscriptions

Instead of learning from mistakes
It seems we are forever doomed to repeat them
Our version of Roman aqueducts
Crumble beneath our feet
And red and white styrofoam cups
Taunting Pepsi lovers everywhere
Lie strewn on roadsides
To serve as a constant reminder
Of the realities of our lives
Towns change their names
Pleading for corporate giants
To just take notice
And offer even faster connections
To speed up the dehumanization process
As we blow the lid off Pandora's box
As we struggle to stay afloat
Ensuring our fast approaching end of days
At least in the sense
That we're now almost completely slaves
A global financial meltdown
Won't even slow us down
We'll pray to Mr. Buffett
Because theists are hypocrites
And money's what really makes the world go round
The solutions are simple, albeit expensive
So we'll offer our indentured servitude
Since the tightening of our shackles
Has already left us completely numb inside

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