Monday, March 29, 2010


The American Dream slipped right through calloused hands and plummeted out of sight. Industries caved in and banks shut their doors, barring people from their small fortunes. 401Ks and stock portfolios dwindled to near extinction as a handful of savvy investors flashed toothy grins into cameras promising to fix it all. Large chunks of the economy shifted back and forth as mediators pondered who should take the lead. Like a game of hot potato it bounced around giving way to impressive charts that pointed to impending doom. Giggling like small children, grinning from ear to ear, placating the majority with false hopes, men in suits appeared on the horizon. Our messiahs came with fistfuls of cash and lengthy contracts with entire sections blacked out to prevent mass hysteria. The dust is slowly settling and on the surface things look almost serene, but entire operations have just disappeared overnight and the only thing in workers' pockets seem to be wads of lint.

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