Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conurbation Asphyxiation

Leaders on vacation gave little thought to the fact that Mother Nature swelled up, out of the ocean and slammed into recently fractured structures supposed to protect from such monstrosities. While one group cowered in fault ridden domes, others climbed to the apex of what once represented livelihood. Uniforms descended amongst the people and set to hunting like something out of The Most Dangerous Game. Taking them out like safari animals, little thought was given to the consequences of such actions. Tiny white light bulbs lit up overhead and ham sandwiches shaped ominously like modern silver blades, exploding at just the right moment debilitating those already handicapped and starving. Out of towners left soon after arriving because of the stench of racism and left bigots with handguns free to roam the city. No one questions the morality of the situation, instead pointing to the importance of a safe, secure, controllable public. As shepherds of the masses, slaughter is allowed to take place. Wading through rivers, holding bread over your head to both save it from the death ridden murky waters and to provide an umbrella from the blazing sun. The stench of death slowly creeps down alleys as bodies pile up, shoved against one another, held in place by submerged Chevrolet's, stacked up like firewood, breeding disease and depression while men in masks bang down doors, shoving barrels in faces, yelling out orders and pushing you into the street where you see your brother floating downstream with a bullet hole in his back. The government failed us, not for the first time. Men with guns came down and showed our true colors, fight back and die. Or don't fight back and they'll shoot you in the head. Either way here's the deal: they are in charge and you are dispensable. Remember it always. And now years later, where are we? Have we gone anywhere at all? Nothing has changed, we send out experimental military weapons to quell dissenters and break up protests. The constitution is just a piece of paper, remember? Of course most don't. We watch American Idol with religious fervor, but forget the names of past winners before the start of the next season. Short sighted fools with no interest in putting up a fight. We allow for the murder of innocent civilians on a daily basis, but blow it off because they are foreigners. But New Orleans isn't some other country. We let them kill our own brothers and sisters and decide to do nothing about it. Police officers make plea bargains to opt out of the spectacle of a trial. Behind closed doors plans are fixed and declared too important to disseminate the information obtained.

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