Monday, March 29, 2010


Natural instinct dictates
Reacting to the sound
From the mouths of babes
The truth shall unfold
Depleted uranium deposits
Left them crippled and maimed
Who speaks for those
Who no longer have a voice
Fathers are taken out
With the push of a button
From miles away
Mothers are removed
From natural processes
And take on new roles
Disturbing the fragile system
Civilian casualties
Makes it sound okay
But it is nothing more
Than utterly inhumane
Raise your voice to the sky
And pray to whomever
You feel is allowing this lie
Don't plead, demand
And end to atrocities
That plague barren lands
Smoldering from the most recent
Rape of cultural norms
Speak for those
With no voice
Because it was
The lack of involvement
That allowed for this
To transpire in the first place

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