Friday, March 5, 2010

Ecunemical Excursion

A trip around the world
Via international cuisine
Led to interesting results
Uygur Polo and Sweet Pea Soup
Raisins over rice
Yogurt spead on Pide bread
Fried mashed potatoes and Picadillo
And roasted bell pepper
Red and sizzling, slightly blackened
Cajun style
Risotto and breadsticks with Manicotti
Bright reds and greens
All covered in cheese
Followed by He Jia Tuan Yuan
Or Masoor Dal and Naan
Chile Relleno and Avacado salsa
The kitchen smells like restaurants
From all over the world
The counters are covered in flour
And bits of leafy vegetables
While some of it was delicious
I'm beginning to think
Perhaps I'm just not that worldly of a guy

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