Monday, March 29, 2010

Reciprocative Exegeses

In a land of law and bureaucracy loopholes are a way of life. For those that can speak Legalese, everything is simply a shade of grey. Terms like pre-existing conditions and federal mandates are not set in stone. Universal coverage is not a right, it is a rite of passage. A new generation raised through social experimentation did not turn out quite like expected. Words like entitlement are thrown around like darts. Dehumanization and personhood now mean the same thing. Vilifying the realities of people's situations has become the norm and everyone bought in. Hook, line, and sinker the process is almost complete. Dystopian novels become blueprints instead of warnings. So, pack the necessities in a tiny knapsack and hit the streets before someone else lays claim to that spot under the bridge.

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