Thursday, December 2, 2010

And the Aqueducts Crumble Beneath Our Feet

It's not about up becoming down
Or black becoming brown
It's about you not understanding
That there is simply too much money
Floating around
To be left to idle chance
Humanity becomes nothing more
Than a child times 6 billion
Who must be looked over at all times
To prevent such heinous occurrences
As a financial meltdown
War is profitable, peace is not
And we have the efficiency report
To prove it
You life may be worth less
Than a mansion on the beach
But at least you can walk down the street
Without the threat of violence
Cameras are for your security
And your well being
We need to see you naked
Before you board that plane
In case you are smuggling metal
Through your urethra
But don't you dare show your ass to a cop
When he pulls you over on a whim
And demands you have no right
To complain
Go ahead, file your paperwork
Wade through the bureaucracy
And just see how far you get
Our rulers move mountains
With the stroke of a pen
And can make whole cities
Just disappear
But go ahead and try
Walking down the street
Without the proper identification
Insider trading is a wealthy man's game
Where millions are shuffled back and forth
Threatening entire economies
But how dare you sell cupcakes
Without filling out a tax form
Every penny must be found
To support 737 bases and counting
And the multitudes around the world
Running around pretending
They're not playing out
Some outdated idea
Of imperialism

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