Sunday, December 5, 2010


I don't know whether to refer to myself
As a boy or a man
I seem to be too old to be the former,
Too carefree for the latter
So I'll just settle on guy
But what kind of guy?
This kind, the one standing before you
With all his imperfections
And misgivings
But in my Ecotopia
There's no such thing as gender
Whether he, she, or he-she
Makes no difference
Even Fight Club had a man with tits
At the height of its masculinity
And it never stopped them
From reaching their goal
But I shirk from responsibility
Like shadows from the sun
Determined not to be seen
In the wrong light
Opting instead to be as clear as crystal
Though I'm not sure what that means
Since all that I see is covered in cracks and crevices
That spit out light in a million trajectories
That dance brightly on kitchen walls
Like all the opportunities for Being
Each second a lifetime, each second a new beginning
But I only wade in shallow waters
Deathly afraid of all those sharks
That bask just beyond the sand bar
Even though I remind myself daily
Of the unlikelihood of an unfortunate occurrence
With statistics and figures
That swirl around my head in a vortex
And slip over the event horizon
Forever lost from recollection
But I know that they come out the other end
Substantiated in a different form
But made of all the same matter
I just have trouble discerning
What's beneath the surface
And remembering
Never to trust my own eyes
For my perception is but one
In a world of many
And my thoughts are but some
In a sea of plenty
So I've become a literary thief, a pirate
Who plunders like a lexicographer
Starving for new material
Careful to avoid collision on the open sea
But trading away words on land freely
Despite the legal statutes
That attempt to further divide
He from she, me from we
Maybe I just need to be recalibrated
Reprogrammed, reset
Back to the beginning
So that I can remember
What I don't know I've forgotten
And reclassify my person
In air quotes
So that you can just call me

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