Friday, December 17, 2010

I am Procrastination Personified

Picking up useless pieces of paper
And throwing them down the hallway
Because I feel like giving myself a reason
To do something, anything else
Instead of taking pen to paper
Or at least sitting in front of the computer screen
Rambling and ranting to pass the time
But when it comes time to pack
And prepare myself for an interstate relocation
My fingers find a familiar place on the keyboard
And just won't let go
I'm held in place by an invisible string
That ties me to all the work
I'd rather be doing anyway
I will always turn
To that which I find more comfortable
In any given moment
Because I lack the ability
To make concrete decisions
And its not even something I would change
If I had any real power over it
My day is sculpted by the whims of a situation
And I find my place in eternity
In the sureness of the steady beat
Of the clock nailed to the wall
And it has nothing to do with numbers
The constellations may have mathematical proportions
But they are of no use to me
Because my desired outcome
Is not measured in steps around the globe
And cannot be quantified
To show how good or bad I had it
Time just keeps moving on regardless
And this brief mortal foray
Is but a short delay
From our reunification with the stars
In some other galaxy
Where we will probably forget
That this ever was
And stumble around blindly
Letting the desert winds shape our destiny
As we cry to the sky
To let the heavens flood down upon us
So that what to do is no longer an issue
Because the only choice you have
Is to swim

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