Friday, December 17, 2010


Chosen by self
Transmitted in any medium you want
Cam whores galore
Popping up all over the bottom of the screen
"I just broke up with my boyfriend"
Impersonal personalized ads
Can't quite seem to hit the mark, yet
But who needs propaganda
When I can find the open source code
To accomplish anything I want
Anywhere across the internet
"Are you real?"
Does it really matter
Did I click on the link
And fly from page to page
By my own authority
Or was I guided by a careful shepherd
Who hides between the lines
That blink too quickly for my mind to register
The local news fell off the radar
And all the pedophiles with it
Because everyone is a sexual deviant on the net
There's just no such thing
As too much information anymore
Anything can be known
If you know just what you are looking for
But it's all so distracting
Even the radio flashes like a slot machine
But I'm no gambler
And I might spend a dollar a month
To be comfortable
But why bother
When I know that I can always find it somewhere else
The only things missing are the commercials
Nobody and/or everybody all at the same time
Join the resistance
Sell your body
Be your art

All on a pop-out screen
For all the world to see
Channel surfing new age waves
Connecting communities to global catastrophes
And the war has already begun
Sides aren't chosen, they're purchased
In corporate gift bags
Offered at three times regular price
Because no one actually pays for music anymore
And its all got to continue somehow
So lie down, sit there, rise up, pack up, head for the mountains
Stay put, run around, gather up the family
Its all converging in hyperspace
The future is held in the hands of virtual reality
Symbiosis on the nano-scale
Built from the molecule up
Fabricated DNA in petri dishes
Breeding with itself
Humanity can't seem to help being incestuous
We strive for diligence of the reasonable
But left our morals in the dust
Trampled beneath a trail of tears
That pollute the oceans in salty waves of miscommunication
Whales beach themselves in protest
And we interpret it as a show of submission
To the greatest creature
Known as Man
We'll save forests on facebook
Because enough money thrown at a problem
Will solve just about anything
Dive into the system
Grab hold the nearest wireless signal
And sum yourself up in a screen name
So that you can take part
In the upcoming technological revolution
That will bring about the evolution
Of the human persuasion
And will define the new limits
Of our self constructed prisons
Until it all blends in so well
That you can no longer tell the difference
Between natural and artificial intelligence

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